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Welcome to the Rottweiler Kennel "Vom Hause Neff" 


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We have received many requests for Rottweiler puppies over the years.

We regret that at present we have no puppies available.
Our next mating is planned for mid 2010.

Please contact us to place your name on our waiting list.

Please note that we do NOT dock tails.

Preference will be given to suitable working and show homes. 

Our puppies are pure-bred, registered with the KUSA, microchipped, fully innoculated, dewormed, puppy tested and socialised by the time they are ready to go to their new homes.

One of our puppies in 2008.

One of our puppies in 2009.

One of our 'older' puppies.  This photo was taken while we visited Astra's home and owners.  As far as possible we like to keep in contact with our puppies and follow their progress.

Our puppy play area.  We try to expose our puppies to as many stimuli as possible during their developmental phases with us.  This will stand them in good stead in later life.

Our puppies grow up in a family environment and are exposed to contact with other people, children and animals.  They grow up right next to our childrens' play area and are in close contact with all our other dogs and learn correct puppy play behaviour.  We try to socialise them as much as possible. 

We try to strive for well-balanced puppies.  At seven weeks of age each puppy is tested.  We record all results which are handed to the new owners.  This test assists us in placing our puppies into the correct homes.


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