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Welcome to the Rottweiler Kennel "Vom Hause Neff" 

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Rainer & Vanessa Neff 

Rainer and Bea - August 2009 

Vanessa with one of our puppies 

Hello there, we are Rainer & Vanessa Neff.  We have been involved with Rottweilers since 1997.  We support the Rottweiler in breed shows, but our main interests lie in the working ability of our dogs.   We are particularly interested in the IPO disciplines of tracking, obedience and protection work, as well as dog ethology. 

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope that you enjoy reading about us and our dogs.  If you have any questions or would like further information, please e-mail us. 


Vom Hause Neff 

 This is where we live.  Our kennels are directly behind the house.  We registered our kennel name "Vom Hause Neff" with the KUSA in 2001.  However, we were in no hurry to start breeding.  We followed German ADRK Rottweiler lines with interest, as we still do today.  Our aim is to breed the Rottweiler in order to maintain and improve the breed.  'Zucht auf Form und Leistung'.  We do not breed for financial gain. 

Ideally we aim to breed along sport lines.  Dogs that have a steady temperament, are high in prey and defense drives, and have high endurance. 

Our dogs should also be beautiful and closely conform to the ADRK breed standard: "...good natured, placid and fond of children in basic disposition, very devoted, obedient, biddable and eager to work.  Natural and rustic in appearance, self assured, steady and fearless.  Very alert to their surroundings..."

Not much to ask for...  There are also many responsibilities and obligations associated with this type of breeding.  With whom do you place puppies that have such high drives?  Who  will be devoted and experienced enough to handle these dogs responsibly?  Who will want an undocked Rottweiler in South Africa? 


Vom Hause Neff 

Our Kennel's Badge and Motto 

Our kennel's badge has an interesting origin.  In 2000 we were part of a group of South African Rottweiler enthusiasts that toured through Europe and also visited the historic German town of Rottweil. 

Our kennel badge's background consists of a part of a stained glass window from a Gothic cathedral in Rottweil.  The stained glass window depicted the different professions of the time, and this particular part showed the butcher.  The Rottweiler is also known as the butcher's dog, which made this particular part relevant.  The coat of arms shown in the center of our kennel's badge is of the town of Rottweil, from where the Rottweiler takes its name. 

Our kennel's motto "Bei Tag und Nacht die treue Wacht" is inscribed above a picture of a dog at the castle of Neuschwanstein's guard house entrance, and is relevant to the Rottweiler's role as a guard dog.  


Clubs & Committees 

We are actively involved with the following clubs & committees: 

bulletThe Natal Rottweiler Association 
bulletThe I.P.O. Club of KwaZulu-Natal 
bulletThe Highway German Shepherd Dog Club 
bulletThe KZNPC I.P.O. Sub-committee 



We are always striving to improve ourselves, and we have qualified as: 

bulletAptitude Test Marshals, Judges and Test Leaders 
Rainer & Vanessa 
bulletCompanion Animal Behaviourists (Diploma)
Rainer & Vanessa 
bulletCompetition Assistant (IPO & SchH) 
bulletBreed Survey Helper (GSDFSA) 
bulletCompetition Learner Judges (IPO) 
Rainer & Vanessa
bulletRottweiler Breed Judges (Open Shows)
Rainer & Vanessa 


 Rainer - End 2008 at HGSDC 


Rainer - End 2008 at HGSDC


 Rainer working Marilyn Wolfson's Otis of Kemphaven SG, AD, BH, KKL1(life), SchH3, IPO3, FH, ITT4 - February 2002 


Rainer with puppies - August 2009


Rainer Neff - May 2000 in Lidgetton 


Vanessa Neff - May 2000 in Lidgetton 



We are members of the following organisations: 

Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V. 
The Kennel Union of Southern Africa 
The German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa 


Contact Details 

Our contact details are as follows: 

Rainer & Vanessa Neff 
7 Snaresbrook Road 
South Africa 
S 29 52. 205'
E 030 53. 154' 
Elevation +260m
Mobile phone 
+27 31 464 2392 
+27 31 464 2392 
+27 82 568 9712 


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