Aims / Objectives / Outcomes:




Exhibitions and events will run through the month of July with special focus

From 10 – 14 July 2000.

Tour Guides of the Inner City is a multi-media art exhibition presented at the Market Theatre Galleries, inner city Johannesburg and the WWW. The exhibition will address very particular visual interpretations and responses to the social, political, economic, cultural and aesthetic shifts occurring since the first democratic elections in 1994. Inner city Johannesburg has become foreign territory for thousands of Gautengers who have bought into the general suburban perception of the city as infested with violence, crime, illegal immigrants, waste, homelessness, pollution and decay. The artworks in this exhibition function as visual guides, introducing people back to the vibrancy and uniqueness of this great African metropolis. Getting beyond misperceptions and to grips with what Johannesburg at the dawn of the millennium is really about.

The exhibition will be one of the main features of the Urban Futures 2000 cultural events programme. Urban Futures 2000 is an international multi-disciplinary conference, hosted and co-organised by the University of the Witwatersrand and the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council. The conference will be happening from Monday July 10 to Friday July 14 2000 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Although conference delegates will have their opportunity to engage with the Tour Guides programme in the week of July 10-14, the exhibition is intended to reach a far wider audience, speaking to all the people of Johannesburg.

Tour Guides of the Inner City, will therefore run for the entire month of July from the Market Theatre Galleries, the WWW and the inner City.

It is the intention of the exhibition to bring about a public awareness of the capacity of art to beguile and entertain – particularly through spectacle. To move beyond the exclusivity of the gallery and into the populist life of the streets. Tour Guides of the Inner City aims to shift the current negative perception of the inner city by showing works that reflect on the realities of the city, while simultaneously instilling the belief; that in its current process of transformation, it is worthy of support and reinvestment.

Elements of the exhibition include mobile features such as Wayne Barker’s mobile photographic studio which will shoot you in locations you would normally avoid and Alastair McLachlan’s video projection bus which will tour the city according to a route of video - interactive murals. Performance by "Melodi" free form tap ensemble which demonstrate the frenetic hustle –bustle of the pavements and streets of Jo’burg. See Robin Rhode break into a drawing of a car. Be bombarded by the postcard propaganda of Marlaine Tosoni. Discover transforming and otherwise neglected landscapes in the billboard works of Jo Ractliffe and Clive van den Berg or happen upon Rodney Place's images from the great flood of '94. And enjoy a range of public video projections by Usha Seejarim, Mark Dunlop and Jose Ferreira to name a few.

Because Tour Guides presents itself in so many different ways, on the internet, in the public realm, through publications and in the media, it is vital that a point of introduction and orientation be provided to visitors. The Market Theatre Galleries, will be used to host the Information Exhibition. Every artist in the exhibition, will provide information in the form of biographies, written explanation’s of their work as well as visual examples. This material will act as a starting point for visitors to acquaint themselves with the wide range of expressions that the artists use to visualise and interpret the Johannesburg landscape. In turn this information should prepare visitors when encountering the works in the various other contexts mentioned above.



Wayne Barker, Marco Cianfinelli, Mark Dunlop, Bradley Hammond, Jose Ferriera, Sally Gaule, Karl Gietl, Craig Jonsson, William Kentridge, Dorothee Kreutzfeldt, Zolile Majebe, Titus Matiyane, Lucas Matome, Alastair McLachlan Joseph Mdwayi, Luan Nel, Jo O’Connor, Rodney Place, Jo Ractliffe, Robin Rhode, Joachim Schonfeldt, Usha Seejarim, Dinkies Sithole, Kathryn Smith, Dave Southwood, Greg Streak, Marlaine Tosoni, Patrick Thole Gumede, Karen Thorne, Clive van den Berg


In association with Tour Guides of the Inner City and Urban Futures 2000

The Market Theatre Galleries invites all Gautengers to inscribe the gallery walls with their personal accounts of inner city Johannesburg.

We encourage the public to consider stories that shed multiple views on the city. We acknowledge the many negative perceptions that surround the city, we however wish to look beyond these views.

The gallery will be open, through June, Monday – Friday
10 am – 5 pm, to receive visitors who wish to write a story (500 words – no more) directly on the gallery walls.

If you cannot come into the gallery but would like to contribute please email or fax to: Stephen Hobbs.
Fax: 011 492 1235