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2006 Tournament News

The SA Chinese Kuoshu Authority's will be holding 2 Tournaments 2006.  These tournaments will serve as selection tournaments to the World Kuo Shu Federderation (TWKSF) World Championships to be held in Singapore in November 2006.  More details to follow as it becomes available.

The first tournament of 2006 will be held on 22 & 23 April 2006.  The second will be held on 5 & 6 August 2006.  Venues are still to be confirmed

More details to be published on confirmation of such.

General Notice

The SA Chinese Kuoshu Authority AGM was recently held on Saturday, 14 January 2006, in Edenvale to co-incide with the MAASA year.  Agendas were forwarded to all members.  For info please contact the Executive Committee for decisions and minutes of the AGM.

2004 ICKF World Championships

The SA Chinese Kuoshu Authority recently sent a National Team to represent South Africa to the 9th World Championship of the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation.  The tournament venue was  Aquatic Training Centre, Tainan Canal, Tainan, Republic of China Taiwan.  This was the first International hosted by the ICKF to be held on water.  For more details see the Tournament Info page.

Martial Art Authority of SA

SACKA is a fully recognised member of MAASA, with SACKA representatives attending all meetings.  In this way SACKA can better serve its members and the Chinese martial art community with proper representation in the South African sporting environment.

Constant feedback will be given to all SACKA members with regard to developements within MAASA and its effects on the SACKA body and its membership. 

In keeping with the MAASA requirement for all Martial Art instructors to have first aid certification, SACKA members attended a first aid course provided by MAASA representatives.  This first aid course was unique in that it caters specifically for the treatment of Martial Art-related injuries.

2006 Administration

For more info regarding SACKA  or SACKA membership, contact the Admin and Finance Officer via e-mail.