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The South African Chinese Kuoshu Authority is the official representative of the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation (Taiwan - R.O.C.) in South Africa.

See the Tournament Info page for details about the recent 2005 National Tournament which was held over 9 & 10 March 2005.

See the Tournament Info page for news about the latest on the 9th ICKF World Championships held in Tainan, Taiwan in March 2004

as well as previous tournament results and movie clips of knockdowns from the local Kuoshu tournaments.

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Official South African team at the 2004 9th ICKF World Championships.

Master Su Chin Miel on the far left and his brother, Master Su Chin Tsin on the far right.

Alex Cheboub in action against a Taiwanese opponent. 2004 9th ICKF World Championships.

Group Photo taken of International Kuoshu representatives at the 1996 World Championships in Taiwan.

Promoting traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

"Kuoshu" - translated as "National Art"