1. Al - Quran

Database with Search Facilities Browse individual chapters, etc
Translation by M.H. Shakir.


2. Al - quran

Listen to Al-Quran while viewing the Arabic, Recitation by  Sheikh's Sudais, Shuraym and Abdul Basit.   
Translation by Yusuf Ali, Pickthall and Shakir.


3. Al - Quran                                                                                       

Need to Browse the Quran - Fast Access


4. Al - Quran

Listen to the Quran while viewing the Arabic.
Renditions by Sheikh's Sudais, Shuraym and Abdul Basit.


Biography of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws)

Excellent source of info regarding the Nabi (saws)


5. Audio

A nice selection of Real Audio files


6. The Meaning of the Qur'an

Syed Abu-Ala' Maududi translation and commentary on the Qur'an.
Ranks as one of the best such works in existence today.

7. Salaah

One of Our most important acts of Worship.
Go here for a complete listing of all the Rules and so MUCH more.


8. One of the most comprehensive Islamic Sites

Spend a few Years here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Back Again and Again.
Bookmark this site now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


9. Another great Islamic Site

Surf here for an Amazing Variety of topics and points of View.


10. Islamic History and related topics

Muslim scientist's, mathematicians, astronomers, etc - 700 * 1500 c.e


11. Hadith

A collection of Ahadith - Very modern site.
Features the collection in Arabic as well as English.       


12. Hadith Collection

Database with Search Facilities.
Includes the Complete Volumes of  Sahih Al-Bukhari.


13. Interesting Islamic Literature

Read Islamic Books Online

-Understanding Islam - Sayyid Abdul A’la Maududi
-How I came to Islam - Yousuf Islam ( formerly Cat Stevens )


14. Questions about Islam

Have any Questions that need answers ?????????
Ask the Imam !!!!!!!!!!


15. Mosques from Around the World

Have a look at some stunning photo's.


16. More Mosques from around the World

Some more stunning images.


17. Ahmed Deedat

Listen to the man in Real Audio


18. Radio Al - Islam

IslamiCity's Radio al-Islam offers a wide range of audio resources.


19. Chat

Wanna Chat or Post Messages   about Islam - Point your browser here.


20. Jumuah ( Friday Prayers ) from Makkah

Collected khutbas and pryaers from Makkah in VDO video format.


21. Islamic Calendar

View the gregorian together with the Islamic Calendar 
Features search facilities


22. Information about Arab countries

The Online Resource For The Arab World In The Middle East & North Africa


23. ISP's in Saudi and the Arab world

Need a Service provider when travelling in Saudi, etc.


24. Arabic software

Some Links to Arabic software


25. Virtual Cards

Birthdays, Eid, Ramadaan, etc. Cards for all occasions.



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