Muslim madness

Yes, of course I am islamophobic, it would be irrational not to be. Any religion whose followers riot over cartoons scares the shit out of me. Some muslims claimed that the cartoons contributed to islamophobia. Well the cartoons did not stimulate my islamophobia but the riots over the cartoons certainly did. A much larger proportion of muslims display rabid fanaticism than the other mainstream religions.
A religion whose followers stone young girls to death for having sex even if the sex was involuntary, whose leaders officially put out a hit on anyone that dares to criticise it, a religion that kills anyone who dares to leave it, a religion whose followers push young girls back into a burning building because they were not wearing burkas is a sick, twisted, evil religion.
Islam stimulates insanity more than any other mainstream religion.
The more insecure a religion the more devotion it demands from its followers. The fact that islam demands that followers pray five times a day shows massive insecurity. Prayer is a re-enforcing ritual, an indoctrination technique used in mind control/brainwashing.
That this twisted religion has over a billion followers makes me ashamed of my species. I really do belong to an awful species.

Cartoon madness
Saudi Arabia's religious police stop school girls escaping their burning school because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress

This is a depiction of Jesus. No christians will be offended by this.

This is another depiction of Jesus. Many chrisitians will no doubt be offended by this cartoon because I have depicted his genitalia which is highly taboo in all the abrahamic religions. These christians may get angry but there will be no violent riots in the streets and no christian priests will call for my death. Christians display for less fanaticism than muslims. This is why I am far less christianphobic than islamophobic.

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