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The Brain

Seat of all consciousness.

Your Brain;
100's of billions of neurones and many more synapses.
An organic information processor.
An organic computational device.
Matter organised in such a manner that it is able to generate thoughts.
A lump of matter that can think.
A lump of matter that produces mind.
Matter organised in such a manner that it is aware of its own existence and aware of the existence of other conscious organic information processors similar to itself.
Performs all the calculations needed to keep the body functioning.
Performs all the calculations needed to survive and procreate, from heartbeat, breathing and hunger, to finding food, avoiding or escaping from danger, finding a mate and organizing a secure environment for its offspring.
Just walking across a room requires millions of calculations.
An organic thinking machine, whose sole purpose is to make sure successful genetic replication takes place .
It receives data through the senses.
The senses; our plugs into reality, data input channels from reality.
Right now your brain is receiving and processing information from this very sentence.
Thoughts are being transferred,
thoughts are being downloaded,
from my brain to your brain.
Memes spreading.

Speaking and writing; our output channels.

This website is about some of the conclusions reached by my brain on the nature of reality.

Some Excerpts

This is a collection of excerpts and quotes from some of my essays.

From My Philosophies
'THE BIG QUESTIONS; What am I and how did I come to exist?'
'Any intelligent entity would want to know what it is and how it came to exist.'
'Think! about thinking'
'Death; (been there done that!)'
'I am interested in atoms because I am made of atoms.'
'you are a clump of matter arranged in a pattern that enables thinking to take place.'
'There are two methods of exploring and defining reality; science and thumb suck.'

Humans are studying humans,
brains are studying brains,
cells are studying cells,
atoms are studying atoms.
The universe is studying itself, through Homo Sapiens consciousness.

'The word 'memory' is stored in my memory.'
'Nobody designed themselves.'
'You cannot think of a thought before you have thought of the thought and decide whether you are going to think that thought or not.'
'Humans cling to the concept of free will with even more desperation than they cling to the concept of an afterlife, immortality and soul.'

'One should see man as merely a stepping stone in the evolution of intelligence.'

From On religion and atheism
'There are millions of god theories, I believe in the no god, god theory.'
'There is no intelligence behind the universe.'
'Doubting Thomas, the only apostle with more than two brain cells.'
'If more christians actually read their bibles there would be less christians.'
'This planet is overpopulated, and all those with more than two children are to blame.'
'Every miscarriage is an abortion performed by God.'

So Why God Why?
Why are some babies born healthy and some horribly mutated? why are there diseases, parasites and carnivores, hunger, pain and suffering, jealousy, addiction, sexually abusive fathers and priests, why is there war, landmines, insanity, senility? why do children die? why do some people have great lives and others lives of misery, why do people kill in your name, why are there religious wars, why are there hospitals, hospices, orphanages, insane asylums and prisons?

Better than God
If I was omnipotent I would have made an infinitely better world.

I'm holier than God
If I was God there would be no suffering in my universe.

Kinky christians (or God is watching you)
I consider myself to be fairly sexually liberated, yet I would find it very difficult to have sex if I knew someone was watching, especially a parent of mine. So how do christians do it with God the holy father watching?

On Circumcision
Improving on the perfect god's design.
Did God make a mistake when he designed foreskins or did he make foreskins so Jews could have a circumcision ritual?

God, the chicken and the egg
So what came first, thinking or the universe?'
Atheists donít believe a zero dimensional thinking apparatus (a god) can exist. Thinking requires a universe.

The difference in the level of intelligence between creationists and evolutionists is so great that they should be defined as two separate species.

From Physics, Maths and Chaos
'mathematics is the most powerfull tool in the universe'
'I believe that infinity is a mathematical abstraction, it is not real and does not exist in the universe.'
'Order is a subset of chaos.'

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