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"Any philosophy worth taking seriously would have to be built upon a firm foundation of unyielding despair." Bertrand Russell

I look around me and I see humanity in hell.
I am surrounded by stupidity and insanity, senility, disease, physical injury, poverty, pain, suffering and death.

Harsh reality
Reality is so harsh that most people escape into religious delusion.
In an act of desperation they deceive themselves into believing that they are immortal and that their next life will be infinitely better.

Life is an unavoidable tragedy, old age and senility is a tragedy, dying young is a tragedy.

the real reality
a reality check
Born to die and the curse of old age and senility.
You are going to die,
the only question is how. If you are lucky it might be sudden and relatively painlessly, like a heart attack in your sleep or a violent accident, more likely it will be slow and painful, a slow degeneration, more and more ailments, deteriorating health, weaker, slower, dumber, maybe a debilitating stroke or Alzheimer's. You could end up a senile, demented, dribbling, toothless wreck.

Nice life ain’t it?
Between now and your death;
someone close to you will die/commit suicide/be raped/go insane/have a crippling accident or illness/be involved in an abusive relationship/ become an alcoholic or a drug addict.
some of these things could happen to you.
your parents will die unless (more tradigically) you die before them.
you will see and often personally go through;
divorce, addiction, illness, depression, war, hunger.
and then you'll die.

LIFE (life's a bitch and then you die)
you’re born
you grow, get bigger, stronger, faster, your brain devolopes, you get more intelligent
you learn
you work and struggle
pay the bills
you work to pay for food, shelter, transport, so that you can work
you get married
you work to organize a breeding environment
you breed (after all that is your function)
you start to age, you get weaker, slower, dumber. Slowly fading away.
you retire
get old (slowly decaying on your feat)
get sick
and die a senile, demented, dribbling old wreck
a shadow of your former self.

LIFE: "To be born in imbecility, in the midst of pain and crisis to be the plaything of ignorance, error, need, sickness, wickedness, and passions; to return step by step to imbecility, from the time of lisping to that of doting; to live among knaves and charlatans of all kinds; to die between one man who takes your pulse and another who troubles your head; never to know where you come from, why you come and where you are going! That is what is called the most important gift of our parents and nature. Life." Denis Diderot writer of the first Encyclopedia

Unavoidable tragedies and the fairytale fantasy of happily ever after
there is no such thing as happy endings
shinny happy boy meets shinny happy girl, they fall in love, sooner or later one of them is going to die, the good news is they will probably be divorced by then.
The best case scenario, as close as you can realistically get to happily ever after;
before one or both become senile, demented, incontinent, dribbling, toothless wrecks, they both die simultaneously in a high speed car crash. Otherwise one of them will experience the death of the other.

Centers of concentrated suffering
Hospitals, hospices, prisons, insane asylums, police stations, rehab clinics, war zones, refugee camps, orphanages, old age homes

Stuck in a Sisyphusian Nightmare
The daily grind, a waste of intelligence.
We are by far the most intelligent species on earth, we have the most powerful, complex brain in terrestrial biology, yet we are cursed with a lifetime of mind numbing menial chores like cleaning, washing, ironing, tidying, bed making, shopping, cooking, taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, painting, repairing, commuting, etc., etc.
Add to that the bathing, teeth brushing, shaving, etc.
Life is a never ending battle against entropy, and atrophy.

Life's a drag
There are things that you want to do and things that you have to do. If you are lucky you get to spend about 10% of your time doing the things you want to do.


The worshipping of a monster
I wrote to the three main creationism sites asking them if they had any estimates of the number of people living on earth at the time of the Great Flood. Answers in Genesis was the only site that bothered to reply. They directed me to a page on their site which estimated over a billion people.
I am nauseated by the fact that there are people who worship a god that murdered over a billion people and most of the life on this planet. It blows my mind that this genocidal maniac of a god is perceived as good.
If mankind is so desperate to worship something, could it not at the very least have invented a good god?
What is wrong with mankind that it is incapable of constructing a genuinely good god?

War can only happen in a species of low collective intellect.
To get people to partake in that mass insanity they have to be below a certain intellectual threshold.
Militarism relies absolutely on brainwashing and brainwashing only works under a certain intelligence. Nationalism and patriotism are the equivalent of territorial pissing.
Nothing in this universe disgusts me more than the arms industry. I consider a drug dealer to be morally way superior to an arms dealer or anyone connected to the military.
Central to any country’s human rights record should be the amount of weapons it exports. Selling death and destruction for money, this is greed at its worst.

There is no nation, race or tribe on this planet that I would be proud to be a member of.

Its an unfair, unjust world, full of innocent suffering.
Millions of abused, beaten, raped, neglected, orphaned children. Millions of children starving, millions of children living in abject poverty, while others live in obscene opulence.

Female genital mutilation
How do humans come to the insanely bizarre conclusion that female clitorises should be removed?
Over 100 million women today have had their clitorises removed, most without anesthetics.
There is no telling what humans are capable of. There are no limits to the stupidity of their thoughts and actions.

Honor killings
In some countries in the middle east, if a girl is raped she is murdered by her father or brother. In their demented way of thinking, she has somehow dishonored the family. The rapist often gets off scot-free.

Acid attacks
In Pakistan every year hundreds of women are the victims of acid attacks. Acid is thrown over these women resulting in absolutely horrific disfigurement. I can't imagine a more horrific deed.

heard about?
the woman who hyjacked a pregnant woman, cut the baby from the womb of the woman and left her in the bushes to die.
the father injecting his child with HIV infected blood so that he would not have to pay child support.

more human brutality

list of madness
A depressing reflection on the state of human intelligence

the ultimate mass madness, a reflection of the incredible stupidity of humanity
Military Madness
training for
murder and mutilation
countries sending their youth into battle to kill and mutilate, to be killed or mutilated
the army; the dumb masses being manipulated by politicians and generals using primitive instincts like nationalism and patriotism.
“Kill and Die for the glory of your country!”

the military. one of the biggest business on this planet. Trillions of dollars a year
100 million laid landmines

ethnic cleansing,
the holocaust,

forced removals

uncontrolled breeding in the midst's of a population explosion

speaking in tongues

flat earthers and creationists

believing in an omnipotent, omnipresent, all knowing, good and loving god.

100 million dollars for a painting (a piece of colored canvas)

Over 30% of all the women on this planet will experience sexual abuse in their lifetime.

Never ending poverty
There is no solution to poverty.
If we somehow managed to solve the poverty problem, if we managed to eradicate poverty on earth, if we raised the living standard of the whole planet to that of the First World, there would be an apocalyptic, complete environmental collapse and total natural resource depletion in less than 30 years.
Poverty reduction means economic growth, economic growth and a higher standard of living means a drastic increase in energy consumption (not to mention all the other resources). The more energy produced the greater the strain on the environment but we are already at the critical stage.
If we increased energy production using the same means that we are currently using, (fossil fuels) an environmental collapse would be inevitable.
The only way forward is if the developed world used less power or if less environmentally damaging methods of production were used. The greedy people of the West wouldn't even consider consuming less power so that the developing world can produce more, and they are not willing to pay the added cost required for less environmentally damaging power, so earth is heading towards an inevitable environmental catastrophe.
This planet simply does not have the resources to sustain over six billion people at western middle class standards.
The only way third world poverty can be reduced, is for the first world to consume less and that will never ever happen, well voluntary anyway. It is in the interest of the first world that the third world remains in poverty.
Caucasians seem to think that they have a God given right to more than 5 times the resources of this planet than the rest of humanity.

Homo Sapiens delusions of goodness
That strange word ‘humane’.
No other animal is as violent, greedy and destructive as Homo Sapiens.
No other animal commits genocide, abuses its’ young, murders and tortures its’ own species, commits premeditated rape, wipes out other species, causes environmental destruction on a scale that humans do.
In other words our behavior is far worse than any other animal yet the word 'humane' is used to describe good behavior.

Inhuman is not an insult.

ashamed to be human, ashamed of my species
I am ashamed to belong to a species that does war.
I am ashamed to belong to a species that manufactures killing and mutilating machines. A species that uses
napalm bombs
atom bombs
mines and missiles

The struggle to survive
We perpetuate a mass delusion by pretending that work is enjoyable, rewarding, challenging etc. If it really was, there would be no animosity towards lazy people, laziness would not be a negative character trait, we might feel sorry for lazy people, we might feel that they were missing out on a great pleasure of life, but no, its; 'why should I be the only one suffering, its unfair, its selfish.'
Lets face it most of us do not enjoy having to work.
9 to 5 makes me feel like a primitive lifeform, as insignificant as an ant. A slave of the struggle to survive. Trapped like an animal in a cage. Only money can free you from the primitive stuggle to survive.
Lets face it 95% of jobs are a drag.
refuse collector, plumber, dentist, street sweeper, assembly line worker, maid, salesman, mechanic, butcher, nurse, accountant, farmer, prostitute, etc.

It almost seems as if life was purposely designed to torture thinking minds.

Lies all lies
It is impossible to socially interact without lying.
Lying is crucial to the functioning of a normal society.
The average person functioning in western society tells two hundred lies a day.

taken from The Natal Mercury (a local newspaper)
The truth is ...we’re all a bunch of liars
LONDON - People tell a lie every eight minutes, making a total of 200 a day on average, it has been reported here.
A study of 20 people fitted with microphones at the university of Southern California quoted in The Sunday Telegraph found that the worst liars were those who had the most social contact or were forced to make demands on people, such as getting information.
Shop assistants, doctors’ receptionists, politicians, journalists, lawyers, sales representatives and psychologists all fell into this category.
"Often what we are talking about are very small lies, but they are lies nonetheless," said psychologist Gerald Jellison, who conducted the research.
"A typical comment would be, ‘I hate to bother you’, when they really don’t give a damn. They might blame the traffic for being late when they didn’t make the effort to be on time."
Mr. Jellison approved of lying, however, saying it was crucial to the functioning of a normal society.
"Society would be terrible if people started telling the truth. Anyone who did would be a subversive." -Sapa-AFP

Real Reality
I've just seen a documentary on a woman who’s passion was elephants, she spent her whole life studing them. She was employed by the Keneyan authoroties first to save the elephants from wholesale slaughter by poachers in the 80’s then in an ironic twist to help in culling operations because in that time the human population had doubled and there was no space left for elephants. She had to choose which elephants should be killed. This is reality.

Playing God
Scientists are often accused of ‘playing God’, well someone's got to because he is doing such a awfull job of it.

On genetic engineering
The human race is perfect and should not be modified. Yeah right!

Beam me up
I am surrounded by violence, rape, malice, bickering, squabbling, arguing, jealousy, lying, cheating, stealing, blackmail, tyranny, fascism, deception, betrayal, greed, selfishness, predudice, bigotry, illogical thinking, irrational behavior, ignorance and stupidity. And worst of all, all pervasive hypocrisy.

Suicide the ultimate rebellion against nature, reality, this universe. A defiant ‘fuck you’ to the universe, deciding when and how you are going to die, not passively leaving it to fate. The ultimate control of your life. Overcoming your strongest primitive instincts.

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