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The logical conclusion

The case against soul.(picture of a soul)
People believe in soul so they can believe in their own immortality.
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, most human brains believe that they will go on thinking for ever. To overcome the obvious fact that brains have a limited life span these people conclude that thinking is not done by the brain, but by a 'soul'. This 'soul' exists beyond the bounds of physics. It is matterless, massless and magical. This is low quality brains concluding that thinking is not done by brains. These brains also cannot fully grasp the concept of infinity. The idea of immortality, i.e. being conscious for an infinite amount of time is a truly absurd concept. Conscious for a billion billion billion billion years and still infinity to go.
So do we think with our brains or our 'souls'?
It is a scientific fact that we think with our brains. The evidence is overwhelming. Just the rudimentary fact that physical brain damage can result in memory loss makes it obvious that memory happens in the brain, not to mention the thousands of experiments done with electrode probes and modern imaging techniques that have helped to map the various functions of the brain. The brain is the thinking organ and therefore the very seat of our consciousness. It would be superfluous and would not have evolved if thinking could be done by a soul. There would be no need for brains if souls could think. If we could see without eyes and hear without ears why would they have evolved. Yet a soul that can't see or hear or talk or remember or calculate, a soul that wouldn't even know its name is completely pointless.
Brain damage can result in loss of memory, a much lower I.Q., even a personality change or complete loss of consciousness. The logical conclusion is that memory, intelligence, personality and consciousness happen in the brain. If souls had memory, surely that memory would kick in if the brain memory was damaged.
Madness is when the brain malfunctions. Malfunctions occur in physical systems. A con rod breaks, a microchip corrodes, neurons are damaged or chemical imbalances occur. Do religious people/mystics believe that an insane person's soul is malfunctioning and that their god will fix it when that person dies? So death would be a cure for madness or do they assume the possibility of eternal madness? If someone dies with senile dementia, does the Ďsoulí revert back to an age before they were demented, if so, what age? If a child dies, does their Ďsoulí remain a child for eternity?
Does a mentally retarded person have a retarded soul and will he therefore be retarded for eternity?
God is the only manufacturer of souls, so when someone is born mentally retarded or someone goes insane did God make a flawed soul by mistake or was he just being malicious?
I would never allow a religious brain surgeon to operate on my brain, because believing in soul he would think that a brain is not really necessary for thinking and therefore consciousness. So if he believes that we really think with souls then he must think that our brains are merely a temporary illusion, arranged to keep brain surgeons occupied.
A christian astronaut should believe that he can fly into a black hole and still observe what is going on. His body and brain may disintegrate but his "soul" will not.

So what is the point of a soul with zero I.Q., no memory, no ability to think, hear, see or communicate? In fact no function at all. (return to philosophy)

This is the christianity I was taught at school.

Time absurd (God and time)
If there is a god, by definition he could not have been created, so he would have to have existed for an infinite amount of time, and an infinite amount of time would have past before he decided to create the universe. Obviously this whole situation is absurd. The idea that a god can exist without time is also absurd.

Genesis absurd
Once upon a time a god decided to create himself. (Him? well the majority of Christians seem to believe that their god is a male, although how something non biological can have a sex, is beyond me.) He then conceived of, and then created time, so that once upon a time he could create himself. Time passed and God was bored, so he thought of a universe. He thought of energy, quarks and leptons and forces and the resultant elements, stars, planets, molecules, chemistry, genetics and life and man and machines. He thought of everything that exists in this universe, however being perfectly good and holy he did not of course think of earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, droughts, tornadoes, mutations, war, leprosy, cancer, aids, rape, child abuse, serial killers, faeces, pollution, etc. He thought about his thinking and decided to make thinking souls. He then decided to make billions of Homo Sapiens and insert souls into them. He would tell some of them of his existence and instruct them to tell the rest. He would give Homo Sapiens a limited life span and he would monitor their (the souls) thoughts and actions and after they (the Homo Sapiens) had died he would sort them (the souls) into two groups, those that believed in his existence and those that did not. He then magically made the universe that he had so meticulously designed. Then he added a heaven and a hell. Heaven as a reward for those souls that believed in his existence and hell as infinite punishment for those that did not.

God absurd (Describing the Christian god.)
Not biological, organic or made of atoms or any matter or particles known or unknown. Cannot and will never be scientifically described. No scientific test will ever detect his/hers/its presence. Permeates all space and time. (omnipresent) Has thought of and created this universe and everything in it, yet somehow is not held accountable for things like earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, droughts, tornadoes, mutations, leprosy, cancer, Aids, starvation, war, etc., etc. He sees, hears and smells, without eyes, ears and noses. He absorbs, processes and records (remembers) all that happens in the entire universe. He knows (has recorded) every single thought that every single Homo Sapiens has ever had, (and will have?). He knows where every single quark and lepton in the universe is, and where they will be in the future. No quantum uncertainty for him. Has designed Homo Sapiens to have a free will, but knows and therefore has planned the future. So, we have a free will but a fixed future? All this without a brain or physical information processing apparatus. Described as "all knowing" (omniscient) which includes the future, yet tries to influence the thought processes of a portion of the Homo Sapiens on this planet which would obviously influence the future, but he already knows the future. The christian god is fanatical about Homo Sapiens believing in his existence without a shred of evidence. This is called faith. Those that don't believe in his existence are punished by being denied access into heaven and therefore going to hell. And during the inquisitions, christians would send these disbelievers to hell early, often by means of burning at the stake. (In my readings the number of people murdered for being heretics ranges from two to seven million.) The mainstream Jewish, Christian and Moslem gods are fascists. Psychologically the Christian god has a massive inferiority complex. Anyone who does not believe that he exists or disobeys him is condemned to hell. Hell is where one is tortured (by burning amongst many other things) for eternity. (Amnesty International would not approve.) Why any hyper-intelligent being would give two figs whether the punny insignificant little creatures he had created on one of the trillions of planets in the universe, believed in his existance or not is beyond me. According to the bible he even tested one of his followers by asking him to sacrifice (murder) his son. Yet despite this evil, fascistic behavior, he is described as the zenith of goodness. He also has a complex about nakedness, sex and knowledge.

Jesus absurd
How does something non biological have a son? What do they mean by "gave his only son"? Jesus supposedly still exists, hanging out up there in heaven with God. You could only say he gave his only son, if Jesus no longer existed. Jesus is supposed to have died for our sins. I have absolutely no idea what 'dying for our sins' means. And dying? I don't actually consider it dying, if you are going to be resurrected a few days later. In that case I would die for a box of chocolates.
So Jesus came to earth and did what. Apparently he healed some sick and crippled people two thousand years ago, (and whose fault was it that they were sick and crippled in the first place.) Since then we have had the crusades and numerous inquisitions in his name, resulting in millions of deaths, and now we have a bunch of power hungry lunatics telling their followers to go forth and multiply even though we are in the middle of a population explosion.

Beam me up Scotty (there's no intelligent life down here)
Millions of people believe that there is this 'evil force' floating around, waiting for an opportunity to take over their 'souls'. The symptoms of a possessed 'soul' are; foaming at the mouth, vomiting, violent spasms, levitation, screaming profanities and blaspheming etc. To unposses (exorcise), sprinkle some 'holy' water and display a crucifix.

God makes idiots (Some people really believe that they were designed and made by a god.)
So did the god design all the Homo Sapiens that have ever existed before or after he/she/it made the universe, or is it still busy planning and designing people now?
So does it decide when they'll be born, how much they'll weigh at birth, how tall they'll grow, the color of their eyes, hair and skin, how intelligent they'll be, whether they will be mentally retarded or physicaly handicapped, where every freckle on their body will be, what their parents will call them, when and how they will die, etc.?

The world MkII (Noah's Ark)
God realised that the world he had created was a mess, so he thought he would try again. Looks like he failed again.
God correcting his mistakes.


A desperate plea to catholics for sanity

Why pick on the pope?
Without a doubt overpopulation is by far the most pressing problem facing this planet. We are in the middle of a population explosion crisis! It is the root cause of all the major problems facing us today. Mass poverty, mass starvation, pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, over farming, over fishing, species extinction, (in fact, overall general environmental destruction on an unprecedented scale), wars, genocide, diseases, slums, illiteracy, crime and even stress to name a few.
If the current birthrate continues there will be a catastrophic environmental collapse in less than fifty years time.(Sounds similar to Armageddon. Maybe thatís what the catholic church wants, a self-forfilling prophesy. That could explain catholic breeding or is there a more rational explanation? Are there any rational explanations? 6 billion, 6 000 000 000, that is 6000 times one million people on this planet and the catholic church wants more! )
Our only hope is to drastically reduce the current birthrate and this can only be done through family planning and birth-control. To be anti birth-control under the present circumstances is not just unbelievable stupid, it is actually insane.

Stupid priestly parroting of insane papal ranting
The catholic church in its ignorant stupidity bases decisions on ancient myths and superstition instead of reason, logic and common sense.

The pope must be an idiot?
To preach the "go forth and multiply" doctrine, a doctrine based on primitive two thousand year old superstition, is the absolute height of stupidity and ignorance. Is the pope too stupid to realize that the size of this planet is fixed, that there is a limit to all resources, even basic ones like land, water and air? Is he to stupid to see that the human carrying capacity of planet earth has already been exceeded.
Is the concept of exponential growth beyond his grasp? (In just two hundred years the world population has gone from one billion to six billion.)
The papacy is about personal ambition and power and has nothing to do with the general good of mankind. It took the Vatican 360 years to pardon Galileo and admit publicly that the Earth does indeed revolve around the Sun, I hope it doesn't take that long for it to come to its' senses on birth control.

The pope needs a basic lesson in ecology as he obviously does not understand the mathematics of ecology. Maybe if he could watch a mathematical model on a computer monitor of what happens when one species among several interdependent species over-breeds, if he witnessed the collapse, if he could understand the implications of exponential growth, then maybe he would understand the urgency of the situation. Naaaaah!

Catholic madness
In the Vatican there are a bunch of power hungry lunatics telling their hundreds of millions of subservient, brainwashed followers to go forth and multiply even though humankind is about to self-destruct in a population explosion. The pope and his institution are more concerned with swelling the size of his followers than the general good of mankind. With their opposition to family planning and birth control, catholics are trying to out-breed other religions. Do catholics think that they are privileged or that their genes are superior and that gives them the right to spread more than their fair share of genes.


Catholic population control
The result of the catholic churches' opposition to safe sex campaigns is a higher birthrate and a higher Aids rate. Aids then becomes a kind of catholic population control! Starvation, disease and war are direct results of overpopulation. Is this how the catholics want to control overpopulation.

The Popesí apology
I see the Pope has decided to apologize for some of the diabolical crimes committed by the catholic church. Well finally, but has he gone far enough? Not even close, says this brilliantly written, scathing attack on the catholic church. Check it out here. (a brief history lesson of their crimes)

Catholic hypocrisy
Most of the so-called catholics I know use contraceptives, unfortunately some of them only after their sixth or seventh child. Actually anyone who claims to be a catholic but does not believe in the infallibility of the pope and uses contraceptives is not a catholic. You cannot be a catholic and not believe in catholic doctrine.

Breeders and genetic greed
It is instinctual to breed, to spread ones genes, but planet Earth is overpopulated and any couple that has more than two children is guilty of compounding a serious problem. They are spreading more than their fair share of genes, making life more difficult for everybody else's children. It is not only greedy, but immoral to have more than two children per couple.

Church power and catholic sex
Another reason catholic priests don't want people to have a choice, when or whether to have children is because it conflicts with their "God's will" doctrine. It reduces their god's power to decide when and how many babies a family should have. When you reduce God's power you reduce the power of the church, and after all that is what the churches are about; power.

Talk about stress ..... catholic sex
Imagine the stress of catholic sex.
Please, please, please don't let me fall pregnant.
Please, please, please don't let her fall pregnant.
Desperately hoping that you donít fall pregnant.
Relying on random luck.
You can't even do that coitus interruptus thing, spilling thy seed on the ground is a no-no.
Well I certainly couldnít have sex under those conditions.

Catholic cannibalism
The catholic communion ritual involves the eating of Jesus' flesh and the drinking of his blood. Most people will think I have left out the word 'symbolically', however in the official catholic doctrine of 'transubstantiation' the wine and wafer do not just symbolize Jesus' blood and flesh but are his blood and flesh. Strange, weird, macabre is all I have to say.

The Vatican and science
The vatican has a long history of suppressing science and as late as 1981 at a conference on cosmology held at the Vatican the then pope told scientists that it was all right to study the evolution of the big bang, but they should not inquire into the big bang itself. I find it totally absurd that the pope thinks he has any right to forbid scientists from researching the big bang, or anything for that matter.


Christian death
Why are christians so afraid of death even though they believe that they will go to heaven? In fact you would think that christians would welcome and celibrate death.
Why do christian parents grieve so deeply when a child of theirs' dies even though they believe it has gone to the infinite bliss of heaven? You would think they would be happy for their child. Or are they insecure about whether the child is going to heaven or hell? Imagine believing that there is a probability that your deceased child could spend eternity in hell. I think deep down they know that heaven and hell is a myth.

Christian murder and heaven
Shouldn't murder be seen as the ultimate saintly deed? I mean the murderer is prepared to sacrificing his eternal stay in heaven and suffer excrusiating eternal agony in the lake of fire, so that the victim can get to heaven early. Now that's what I'd call a saint, someone who is prepared to burn in hell for eternity, just to send someone to heaven early. Shouldn't the church kill all suffering people? just nuke Somalia for instance and send all those poor starving people to heaven. The only ones that will go to hell will deserve it, because God is the ultimate judge.

Why do monotheists think that monotheism is superior to multi-god religions?

Natural disasters (God's weapons of mass destruction)
Natural disasters kill and maim indiscriminately.
So why did your god design this planet with earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, droughts, tornadoes and hurricanes?

Genetic mutations are necessary for evolution, but how do they fit in the christian scheme of things? God by their definition is perfect so he must make mutants on purpose or is a deformed child the result of their god suffering from a hangover. Christians used to justify genetically deformed children as God's way of punishing parents for their sins. Nice god wasn't it?

Suffer my children
Why does God allow all this suffering? In fact suffering must be his/her/its concept. Doesn't your god have a concept of fairness? Obviously not, otherwise he/she/it would not have created an inherently unfair universe.

God research
Do christians take their religion seriously? Why do I ask? Well billions of dollars have been spent on particle accelerators, on a multitude of detectors (from gravity wave to neutrino detectors), on telescopes, on space telescopes etc. Billions of dollars looking for evidence of the big bang, of general relativity even of intelligent life in the universe, yet how much money is spent looking for evidence of a god?

Do christians take their religion seriously? The majority of christians that I come across have not read the bible. Weird!

"If one will read the entire Bible, one will find tales of ignorance, murder, sexual perversions, mass insanity, idiotic laws, and even cannibalism and human sacrifice. It staggers the imagination how anyone in his right mind could read the Bible and believe that it was written by a wise, just, and loving god. Christians have found biblical scriptures telling them to burn people at the stake, to justify slavery, to oppress and persecute others, and to kill and commit war in the name of their god. Unfortunately, there are some even today who would have us return to the teachings and laws found in the Bible."(Quote taken from theAmerican Atheist website)

Kinky christians (or God is watching you)
I consider myself to be fairly sexually liberated, yet I would find it very difficult to have sex if I knew someone was watching, especially a parent of mine. So how do christians do it with God the holy father watching?

Christian good
Has christianity reduced or increased suffering on this planet?
"Think not that I [Jesus} have come to send peace on earth: I come not to send peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:34)
The countless religious wars. The crusades, where the christian doctrine was spread through violence. The inquisitions, where millions of people were burnt as heretics or witches in a climate of paranoia instilled by the power hungry church with its references to hell, the devil, exorcism, evil spirits and heretics. The barbaric treatment of so called "fallen women" in Britain. The ill treatment of homosexuals. One of the influencing factors contributing to the nazi holocaust and centuries of anti-Semitism was the animosity christians felt towards Jews which was fueled by the execution of Jesus by Jews.

"The Bible is probably the most genocidal book ever written." Noam Chomsky, Linguist/Social Commentator.

Questions for catholics
Do catholics really not believe that this planet is overpopulated and that if we do not drastically reduce the birth-rate we are heading for a disaster of unimaginable proportions?
What did the Vatican do in response to the nazi holocaust?
I wonder if the pope has ever had an orgasm? (spilled his seed on the ground)

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