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Stupidity beyond belief
It almost seems as if religions are competing to see whose followers will believe the most outrageously ridiculous story.
It seems as if the religious hierarchies are testing their followers, seeing how far they can push the absurdity of their claims and still be believed.
What they have shown is that it is not possible to concoct a story that is too ludicrous to be believed. Humans are basically so stupid that they are capable of believing absolutely anything and everything, no matter how ludicrous, absurd, incredible, irrational, illogical, contradictory and inconsistent.
Among humans collectively there is no such thing as beyond belief.
Tell people that you can see and have conversations with their dead relatives and you will be believed. (You might even be given your own TV show.)
Tell people that there is an alien spaceship hiding behind the Hale-bop comet and you will be believed.
Tell them that you have been kidnapped by aliens and subjected to probing and guess what, people will believe you. Tell people that you are a son of a god and you will be believed. Tell people that they are immortal and that if they follow your instructions they will get to spend eternity in heaven and they will believe you.
Tell people that if they kill and die in the name of Allah they will go to a paradise where they will be eternally serviced by 72 perpetual virgins and they will believe you. You can then get them to fly jets into high-rise buildings.
You can even tell people that one plus one plus one, equals one and they will believe you.
Mankind has a history of totally ludicrous beliefs.
Mankinds stupidity makes religion possible.

Irrational behavior
People with irrational beliefs are far more prone to irrational behavior. Religions are primitive superstitions based on ancient myths. Belief in primitive superstitions is irrational and leads to irrational behavior. Flying passenger jets into the World Trade Center, but one example. Practicing a 'go forth and mutiply' doctrine in the midst of an over population crisis, is another, but with far more dire consequences.
Religions promote irrational, false beliefs that lead to irrational behavior.

In 1215 the Fourth Lateran Council of the Vatican proclaimed the doctrine of transubstantiation. This truly bizarre doctrine claims that the host wafer miraculously turns into the body of Jesus during the mass. Soon rumors spread that Jews were stealing the sacred wafers and stabbing or driving nails through them, to crucify Jesus again. Reports said that the pierced wafers bled, cried out, or emitted spirits. On this charge, Jews were burned at the stake in 1243 in Belitz, Germany -- the first of many killings that continued into the 1800s. To avenge the tortured wafers, the German knight Rindfliesch led a brigade in 1298 that exterminated 146 defenseless Jewish communities in six months.

During the Inquisitions the Catholic church sentenced hundreds of thousands of innocent woman to death, (often by burning) for the bizarre crime of having had sex with the devil.

During the Crusades millions of people were slaughtered for not being christians. Today a billion christians view the Crusades with pride.

In 1980 a pig caused hundreds of Indians to kill one another. The animal walked through a Muslim holy ground at Moradabad, near New Delhi. Muslims, who think pigs are an embodiment of Satan, blamed Hindus for the defilement. They went on a murder rampage, stabbing and clubbing Hindus, who retaliated in kind. The pig riot spread to a dozen cities and left more than 200 dead.

Still in the Dark Ages
Here in the twenty first century, hundreds of exorcisms rituals are still performed daily. This barbaric ritual stems from the Dark Ages when people believed that illness was caused by demons and evil spirits. People who display the symptoms associated with possession are obviously suffering from severe psychotic episodes and should be handled with kid gloves by trained psychiatrists and not subjected to bizarre rituals based on primitive superstitions.

Religious psychosis
This world is one big madhouse in which billions of delusional people pray to thousands of imaginary gods.
Religious beliefs are so totally absurd, that to actually believe them your have to be either insane or stupid. Insanity or stupidity, both scare me. Over 80% of humans are religious, I am surrounded by insane and stupid people.
No wonder this world is such a mess.
No wonder humans are doing such a terrible job of managing this world.
No wonder this planet is mismanaged beyond belief.
No wonder we are heading headlong into environmental catastrophe.
No wonder there are over three dozens wars currently being fought.
No wonder there are over 100 million laid land mines in the world.
No wonder trillions of dollars are spent on weapons while millions of children starve.

There is this misperception that religions are about peace. Humans are so stupid that one only has to repeat something over and over again and the majority will end up believing it, even in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence.
For instance it is repeated ad nauseam that religions (even the Abrahamic religions) are about peace. Nothing could be further from the truth.
One has only to occasionally read a newspaper or watch the news on TV to realize that.
The evidence proves the exact opposite.
G.W. Bush repeatedly describes Islam as a religion of peace. Even a man with an IQ as low as Bush's knows this is utter bullshit.

Right now the two largest religions in the world are effectively at war and that war is intensifying every day and is threatening to escalate into an all out global war with devastating consequences for all mankind including those of us who do not belong to any of them.

Religion's crimes against humanity
Daily we read about the awful atrocities committed in the name of religion.
In the Middle East, in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, in Indonesia, the Philippines, Northern Ireland, England, Nigeria, the USA, Afghanistan, Iran, Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, Chechnya, Mexico, etc.
From the Sept. 11 massacre to the murder of doctors who perform abortions and violent riots over cartoons, religion is the prime motivating factor behind these insane deeds.
History is littered with religious crimes, the inquisitions, the crusades, slavery, colonialism, countless wars and massacres.

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities - Voltaire

Far from promoting peace, religions do the opposite, they promote conflict.
As long as there are different religions, as long as there are different denominations within religions, there will never be peace on earth.

Reasons for religious wars
How religions stimulate intolerance, hate, bigotry and violent conflict.
Claims on truth
There will never be world peace if religious leaders don't stop insisting that their particular brand of religion is the one and only true religion, the only path to salvation.
For peace to have a chance, religious leaders would have to publicly recognize that other religions have equally legitimate claims to the truth, in other words they will have to admit that their religion might be the false one. Of course this will never happen because religions require absolute belief, absolute faith, in order to receive the level of commitment that they desire.
The level of commitment, the level of devotion that high priests demand cannot be achieved among followers if there is the slightest doubt about the truth of their particular religion. They cannot allow for any uncertainties, any doubts about the truth and validity of their religion.
People are not going to base their whole lives around, devote their lives to, blindly obey, worship, indoctrinate their children, donate money, pay a tithe, become preachers, priests, monks, nuns and missionaries etc. for a system that they are not absolutely convinced is true.

Which religion?
All claim exclusive truth, all, except maybe one, must be lying.
There are lots of different religions, many claiming absolute truth, claiming to be the only path to truth, claiming mutual exclusivity, yet only one if any, can be right.
Religions are threatened by other religions because the mere existence of other religions casts doubts about the truth of any one religion. The mere fact that there are many religions means that it is probable that any particular religion is wrong.

Religions will always refuse to recognize that other religions have equally legitimate claims to the truth, because this would mean that they have to admit the converse, i.e. that all religions including themselves have an equal probability of being false. Claims of exclusive truth are vital in religious marketing, but imply that other religions are false, that they are based on lies, that they worship false gods. This leads to intolerance, animosity, violence and wars.

Religious Competition
The main causes of conflict in the world today is the fierce competition between religions, and between denominations within religions, for followers, for the minds and money of the public, for power and influence.
Money and power
Religion is a multi billion dollar business, religions hold enormous political clout. Religious hierarchies love power. It takes ambition to become a pope, archbishop, bishop, rabbi, ayatollah, imam, mullah, high priest or guru. Ambitious people always want more, more status, more power and influence, more money. Religious leaders not only want to hold on to their followers but they want to increase their number of followers.

As long as there are different religions on this planet, there will be competition between them for followers, resulting in conflict and wars.

You shall have no other gods before me. (First of the Ten Commandments)
Religions are divisive, each claiming to be the only true religion, therefore claiming that other religions are false and untrue. This stimulates intolerance, hate, bigotry, an us and them, laager mentality, which often leads to violent conflict.

"If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being." Jerry Falwell

"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." Ann Coulter

It is a common tactic of religions to demonize other competing religions, this stimulates intolerance and hate, leading to violent conflict, resulting in destruction, suffering and death.

"The God of Islam is not the same God. He's not the son of God of the Christian or Judeo-Christian faith. It's a different God, and I believe it is a very evil and wicked religion." - Rev. Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham)(This idiot is of course too stupid to realize that this is a tactic admission that there are other gods)

"First, set fire to the Jews' synagogues and schools. Bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them. This is to be done in honour of our Lord of Christendom . . ." Martin Luther

"The Westminster Confession of Faith, which was ratified by the Scottish Parliament in 1649 (Charles I Parl. 2 Act 16) and which became the subordinate standard of the Reformation Church of Scotland, identifies the Pope of Rome as "that Antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself, in the Church, against Christ and all that is called God". Mr Macleod

"To label people as death-deserving enemies because of disagreements about real world politics is bad enough. To do the same for disagreements about a delusional world inhabited by archangels, demons and imaginary friends is ludicrously tragic." Richard Dawkins

God's chosen people
Claims that members of a particular religion or race are special in the eyes of their god leads to arrogance, to feelings of superiority, that others are of less value, less worthy, that their lives are cheaper. This makes it much easier to slaughter them.

Global conflict
Vicious competition between the three main monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam has resulted in animosity and intolerance with each claiming to be the only true representative, the only path to the one true god.

None of the religious conflicts have been as long lasting, intense and destructive as the christian/islam conflict.
Today there is a very real danger of a global conflict between these two largest religions on earth. With Judaism acting as the catalyst. Christianity and Islam both have their roots in ancient Judaism. Right from their inception there has been constant conflict, strife and violent confrontation, fueled by the intense rivalry between these closely related religions. Millions of lives have been lost.
The September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York has triggered a sharp rise in tension between christianity and islam and there now exists the very real possibility that this will escalate into an all out global confrontation.
Religion could plunge the whole planet into war, with disastrous consequences for mankind.

For as long as they have existed there has been animosity and strife between religions. As long as religions claim to be mutually exclusive, as long as they claim to be the one and only true religion, as long as they claim that the other religions, the other gods, the other worshipping rituals are false, as long as they continue to demonize each other, there will never be peace on earth.


The Terri Schiavo saga
The false twisted, irrational morals of fundamentalist christians
Where lack of logic leads to unimaginable, needless suffering

The Terri Schiavo saga is a typical example of how twisted, irrational dogmatic christian morality can get.
The whole hysteria over whether to keep Terri Schiavo on life support or not, was centred around whether she was conscious or not, i.e. in a vegetative state.
The issue being that if she showed the slightest sign of consciousness she should be keep 'alive' but if it was shown that she truly was in a 'vegetative state' then the life support should be discontinued.
In a display of stupidity so typical of fundamentalists they have got everything the wrong way round.
It seems not the slightest attempt was made to image what it must be like to be conscious yet not able to move a muscle.
This inability at empathy results in not realising what a truly horrific nightmare it is to suffer from what doctors refer to as 'locked in syndrome'. It has to be the most horrific thing that can possibly happen to someone. Put yourself in that nightmare situation, imagine the absolute unbearable horror of not being able to move a single muscle. And it can sometimes go on for more than a decade.
The whole issue was back to front. If the slightest sign of consciousness was shown then the machine should have been switched off.
If she really was in a 'vegetative state' it would be neither here nor there if she was kept on life-support. If her parents could afford it and it was a source of comfort to them then by all means keep her on life support, but if there was the slightest possibility that she may have been conscious then her hell should have been ended and the machines turned off.
Heaven and Hell
The christian right that fought to keep her on life support and prolong her so called life are the ones who supposedly believe in heaven. Unless they are sadistic, psychopathic bastards, why would they want to prolong her hell and delay her heavenly bliss? Surely if her parents and the fundamentalists really believed in heaven, really believed that she would experience infinite bliss after death, they would gladly have allowed her to die.

God's Will and lack of logic
Its the fundamentalists that harp on about 'God's Will'. So why didn't they leave it to God and disconnect the life support machines. Surely the logic of the 'God's Will' doctrine would demand that the machines that artificially kept her alive should have been disconnected and her fate left 'in God's hands'. Surely man shouldn't interfere with God's Will and artificially keep her alive with his machines. Let God's Will be done.
Of course fundamentalists don't get logic, otherwise they wouldn't be fundamentalists.

In a secular, civilised nation the option would not have been two weeks of starvation it would be an injection of morphine over in ten minutes.

In May 2002 the European Court decided that Diane Pretty should die a slow and agonizing death. This absurd conclussion was reached not through rational reason but by the irrational influece of religion.
Twisted religious morality forces thousands of people to die slow painful deaths, it denies them the most fundamental human right of all, the right to one's self. The right to one's own life, the right to decide when one's life should end, the right not to live in agony.

Stem cells and therapeutic cloning
The twisted morality that would prevent science from researching cures for degenerative diseases, and head and spinal injuries, a perverse morality where a clump of cells assumes more importance than a fully developed, conscious, intelligent human being. So for the sake of a bunch of cells people should spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair, incontinent and hooked to a respirator or die slow agonizing deaths. Children must watch as a parent slowly loses his/her mind. All this based on ignorance, on the primitive, obviously erroneous, superstition of soul.
The real motive for this Luddite backwardness is that fundamentalism is threatened by the power of science, science makes their faith healing scams insignificant. Real scientific miracles totally overshadow their false miracles. Science is more powerful than their god, this is why they try and restrict science in every way, this is why they try to ban the teaching of evolution in schools. They fear the power of science, they fear that science will one day be able to help the paralyzed walk.
If these ignorant hypocrites manage to delay this research by say ten years, so it takes ten years longer to find the cure for spinal cord injuries, that would mean that millions of paraplegics and quadriplegics would spend ten years longer in wheelchairs. If they delay a cure for Alzheimer's disease, millions will die in the most horrific way imaginable. And this is supposed to be about morality. No its not about morality, its about power. Fundamentalists are threatened by science, because science has proven to be much more powerful than their god, in fact science has proved the falseness of their beliefs, science has shown creationism to be false.

Catholics believe birth control is 'immoral', and they base this on the primitive superstition of ancient scriptures. In fact uncontrolled breeding on an already overcrowded planet is immoral. It is greedy and arrogant to assume you have a god given right to spread more of your genes than anyone else. This planet is overpopulated and all those with more than two children are to blame. Famine and poverty are results of over-breeding. Catholic so-called morality leads to famine and poverty and all the suffering that goes along with it and will ultimately lead to a total environmental collapse.

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