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Religions claim to have a positive effect on their followers behavior, however the evidence shows the opposite. Irrational beliefs lead to irrational behavior. Here are just a few examples of the irrational, bordering on insane, behavior demonstrated by religious followers.

  • Religious wars (War has got to be the most irrational, insane, evil behavior perpetrated by humans.)
  • The Inquisitions (mass christian paranoia)
  • The Crusades (millions were butchered for not being christians)
  • Sept.11 World Trade Center Suicide Attack
  • The followers of Rev. Jim Jones, David Coreth, Sun Moon, Heavens Gate etc., etc. (all cults)
  • Catholic resistance to birth control
  • Catholic transubstantiation (in the truly bizzare official catholic doctrine of 'transubstantiation' the wine and wafer in the catholic communion ritual do not just symbolize Jesus' blood and flesh but are his blood and flesh.)
  • The Galileo saga (Only in 1992, was the Roman Catholic Church ready to grant a pardon to Galileo and admit publicly that the Earth does indeed revolve around the Sun.)
  • Darwin's battle
  • People who do not believe in evolution. Evidence of evolution is absolutely overwhelming. Check out the Creation Research Society. (A bunch of people, some with PhD's in physics, believe that the universe is less than ten thousand years old, despite overwhelming cosmological, chemical, geological and biological evidence that it is billions of years old.) The wild world of creationism runs amok on these idiots.
  • People that don't believe that humans are apes. (even visually obvious)
  • The murdering of pro-choice doctors
  • Exorcism rituals
  • Speaking in tongues
  • Pentecostalism
  • Fundamentalists
  • Born Again Christians (ever been to a born again church meeting?)
  • Evangelist Pat Robertson has said that in the millennial age the saved will be empowered to control geologic faults spiritually and thereby prevent earthquakes. (Time Special issue, fall 1992, page 8)
  • Stigmata
  • Iran and more recently Afghanistan and Algeria have caught particularly virulent strains of islam which leads to what can only be described as insane behavior. (The symptoms are similar to that strain of catholicism that was prevalent a couple of hundred years ago in what is sometimes referred to as the dark ages. {see above}) Women are forcefully prevented from going to school, they are not allowed to drive and they cannot go out without been chaperoned. Some have even been murdered for showing their hair or faces in public. (check out newsreels of the Iran/Iraq war and Khomeini's funeral) ( I could get shot for writing this.)
  • In 1993 the supreme religious authority of Saudi Arabia, Sheik Abdel-Aziz Ibn Baaz issued an edict, or fatwa, declaring that the world is flat. "Anyone of the round persuasion does not believe in God and should be punished."
  • faith healers
  • Walking on burning coal, sticking things into and through oneself, whipping oneself, etc.
  • Those people that bob their heads up and down at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
  • The idiots in Portugal who walk for kms on their knees to get to some shrine where a supposed miracle took place.
  • The image of virgin Mary appearing on anything from rock stains to pancakes.
  • All the crying/bleeding statues of religious icons sporadically distributed around this planet.
  • Kosher and Halaal food rituals
  • Those people who drink there own urine. (Water of life sect)
  • The Adams navel argument is a classic example of how the religious virus detrimentally effects the performance of the brain. It goes like this; God made Adam with a navel to make it look like he was born of a woman, and he also made this planet and the universe look like it was billions of years old even though he had just created it. God created this planet with the illusion of pre-existence, right down to geological strata and dinosaur fossils. He even used his magic to get light from stars and galaxies that are billions of light years away from earth to reach us in less than a week. He did all this to fool scientists into believing that the earth and universe were billions of years old. This ridiculously absurd argument was used in a pathetic attempt to reconcile geological and cosmological evidence with the creation myth in the bible.
  • The vacuum story (The theory that space might be a vacuum was condemned by the churches as heresy because their god was supposed to permeate all space. Just mentioning the word vacuum was considered blasphemous.)
  • astrology
  • astro-travelers
  • Cartoon Madness; March 06 Muslims worldwide take part in rampaging riots were dozens are killed over cartoons depicting Muhamed by some obscure small town newspaper in Denmark.

    Some more religious madness
    There is a cult, somewhere in India, who believe that they get reincarnated as rats, and these rats get re-reincarnated back into humans again. In the compound where they worship over twenty thousand rats have total free reign, often crawling all over worshipers. Large bowls of milk are laid out for these rats and the milk that is left is believed to have curative powers, curing the very diseases known by science to be spread by rats e.g. bubonic plague, typhoid etc.

    On T.V. the other day I watched this charismatic televangelist telling this absurd story about how he witnessed a fellow preacher, on the Ganges river, convert hindus, which he referred to as "heathens", to christianity. The "heathens" were throwing water in the air, claiming that the sparkle of the sun on the water drops was their god. The preacher then shouted to them that his god was more powerful than their god. Asking Jesus Christ for a miracle, he then threw some water in the air and it miraculously defied gravity and just stayed in the air. Next we have thousands of ex-hindus shouting "hallelujah". Anyone who believes this ludicrous story, reasoning abilities have been destroyed by religion.

    Are you R.V. Positive?
    Check out my Religious Viruses Page for a mementic version of the above.

    Alfreds' law on fundamentalism
    The more fundamental a religion the lower the average I.Q. of itsí adherents.

    Jesus Christ and Karl Marx
    There are many parallels between Jesus Christ and Karl Marx. Both collected and assembled ideas that were floating around at the time. They are the point where a bunch of ideas came together. They founded two very influential core systems that grew and branched into various factions. Both the systems that they grounded bear their names. Christianity is obviously by far the more successful system. It has lasted almost two thousand years and is still going strong whereas marxism has almost died out after less than a hundred years. Marxism could not deliver on promises whereas the christian system has the radical advantage of followers having to die first to find out if the christian system delivers or not. ( smart move!)

    Religious Fascism
    I live on a planet where certain high priests still order their followers to murder people who publicly criticize their religion. This is fascism, using violence to suppress differing opinions.

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