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"Question boldly even the existence of God." Thomas Jefferson

the only logical choice


Why bother with an atheist webpage?
Why be an anti-religion activist?

"Good people will do good things, and bad people will do bad things. But for good people to do bad things-that takes religion."
Stephen Weinberg (Nobel laureate in physics)

"the most detestable wickedness, and the most horrid cruelties, and the greatest miseries that have afflicted the human race have had their origin in this thing called revelation, or revealed religion."
Thomas Paine

"Religion is a disease born of fear which has been a source of untold misery to the human race."
Bertrand Russell

'Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.'
Blaise Pascal

'Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.'

I believe that religion is harmful to human intelligence.
I think this world would be a much better place if people faced reality, rather than escaping into religious delusions.
I believe that wise decisions are decisions grounded in reality and that religious delusion results in ludicrous decisions and actions that have been a major contributor to the present mess that this world is in.
I believe that the present clashes, battles and wars between muslims, christians and jews are escalating and will end up in an all out global conflict and us nonbelievers will end up getting caught up in the crossfire.

This web site is an attempt to reduce that insanity, that ignorant, primitive superstition that is threatening to destroy this planet.

I am not just an atheist, I am an anti-theist.
Here's why.

The two biggest threats currently facing the world today are;
an all out global war between Christians and Muslims,
and catastrophic ecological collapse.
Religions is a key factor in both these threats.

A Gobal Religious War
Catch 22
The ever increasing tension and animosity between Jews, Christians, Hindus and Muslims is stimulating extremism, resulting in a retreat into fundamentalism which is fuelling escalating conflict that is threatening to plunge this planet into an all out global war.
Fundamentalist Christians don't want peace in the Middle East because they believe that war in Israel and the destruction of the Temple Mount will result in the 'second coming' of their junior god, Jesus. Fundamentalist Muslims want to kill all infidels, i.e. everyone that is not a Muslim.

Environmental Collapse
The population explosion
The biggest factor contributing to the destruction of the environment today, is the population crisis. The greatest threat to this planets ecosystem is Human overpopulation.
This world is overpopulated, it simply cannot sustain six and a half billion people indefinitely. Currently humans are using up resources far faster than they are being regenerated.
This is unsustainable and will of course lead to an environmental catastrophe.

Population control
The logical rational thing to do is reduce the birth rate through family planning. However the Catholic church, the largest religion on the planet is fervently against all forms of birth control and family planning. Fundamentalist christians are also anti birth control.

Armageddon, Pollution and Global Warming
The United States of America is the greatest polluting nation on earth. The average american citizen has a five times greater negative impact on the earths environment than the average global citizens. America has done more harm to earth's environment than any other nation, yet it is doing the least to reduce its polluting. Religion, particularly fundamentalist christianity is a major reason for this. (other reasons are stupidity and greed) Firstly, fundamentalist christians deny anthopogenic global warming because they distrust science, because science threatens their beliefs.
Secondly, they are not concerned by global warming and environmental destruction, in fact they are thrilled by it because they believe these catastrophes will encourage the second coming of Jesus, as prophesied in the bible.

World-wide there has been a massive resurgence in religious extremism or fundamentalism. This fundamentalism feeds off itself as the growth of fundamentalist Islam causes a reactionary growth in Christian fundamentalism. Even Hindus are jumping on the bandwagon and are becoming more extreme.
Religious fundamentalism is a threat to mankind's future.

The World is getting dumber
One of the reasons for this growth in religious fundamentalism is that since the availability of contraception the average intelligence of humankind has been declining rapidly as intelligent people are more inclined to control their fertility. The speed of the declining intelligence of humanity due to this trend is underestimated.
As the average I.Q. of humanity declines the influence of religion increases.

This world is a scary place,
over half the population of this planet worship a mass murderer.
Jews, christians and muslims worship a god guilty of genocide (The Great Flood, Genesis 7:23), and what's really scary is that they define this god as morally perfect. They base their morality on this twisted god.
How can religions that worship a mass murderer ever be considered religions of peace?
It should not be a surprise to anyone who has read the Old Testament that the Abrahamic faiths would inspire violence.
The symbol of christianity is an instrument of torture.
What would one expect from a religion whose main symbol is an intrument of torture?

"The belief in a cruel god makes a cruel man." Thomas Paine

The 'holy scriptures' of the Abrahamic faiths describe a sick, twisted, capricious, malicious, vengeful, unjust, punishing, tyrannical, mass murdering, jealous, insecure megalomaniac of a god. This god is a truly despicable character who inspires truly despicable behavior.

The less that christians follow their bible, the better they are as people.

The more muslims ignore their koran the better they are as people.


All religions are fundamentally false.
Non of them are true.
Religions are so blatantly, in your face obviously untrue, its depressing that the vast majority of humans have not got the intellectual capacity to recognize their falseness.
How can the acceptance and belief in a doctrine full of inconstancies, contradictions and outrageous absurdities, and therefore obviously untrue, in fact blatantly false, be seen as something positive?
Surely its the truth that counts.

Lies all Lies
Religious beliefs are not just false, they are blatant lies.
Religions are nothing more than primitive superstitions based on ancient myths.
A myth becomes a lie as soon as claims of its truth are made.
So religions lie when they claim truth.

False promises
Religions promise immortality to followers. As if that's not outrageous enough, they also promise eternal bliss in heaven, paradise, nirvana, etc. to the followers that obey their instructions. They make these incredible claims without a shred of evidence or proof.

False claims
Theists make outrageous claims of invisible, omnipotent, supernatural entities.
None are backed by any sort of empirical evidence or any kind of rational proof.
They consider ancient scripture as validation. Their validation criteria is blind faith.
Faith is not a valid criteria for determining truth.
Only evidence and logical conclusions (the scientific method) are valid criteria for determining truth.
Extraordinary claims, like those for an invisible, omnipotent, sentient, supernatural entity, require extraordinary evidence.

The Emperor has no clothes
Delusions of immortality

All religious believers actually believe that they are immortal!
To do this they ignore the overwhelming evidence that mind is a product of brains and pretend that it is actually the product of fantasized souls.
Yep, reality is so harsh that most people cannot handle it and escape into religious delusion.
All religions require a permanent suspension of disbelief.
All religious believers are delusional.

Religions are outrageous scams, duping the blindly gullible public with absurdly wild, totally unsubstantiated promises of immortality and everlasting bliss, coupled with threats of eternal suffering. They are elaborate deceptions that exploit the stupidity of man to control the minds of the masses and extort billions of dollars from their followers. They provide a livelihood, social status, influence and political power to their hierarchies and those that serve them. Religion is used by a power hungry clergy to manipulate the public. Religions make up some of the richest and most powerful organizations on earth.
Popes, bishops, cardinals, rabbis, mullahs, imams, ayatollahs, high priests, prophets, gurus, shaman and witchdoctors, all motivated by a lust for power and influence.
Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, James Dobson, Randall Terry, Benny Hinn, Rev. Lou Sheldon, Ken Cumming, Allan C. Holden, Bill Bright, Fred Phelps, Pope John Paul, Cardinal Law and Osama bin Laden, are all in it for the same reasons. Power and Money.

The Scam
This is how the scam works.
First concoct a myth about a god, heaven and soul.
Then claim that one must worship this god in order to get to heaven. You can also throw in a hell and claim that failure to worship the god will land one in hell.
Then appoint yourself (and/or your organization) as the only intermediary between the god and the people. You can claim that the god appointed you.
So you (and/or your church) are the only path to God, the only way into heaven, the only way to avoid hell.
So, to those gullible enough to believe you, you (and/or your church) hold the only key to eternal happiness.
This is a powerful position to be in, you have status, power and influence, you are in a position to manipulate believers.

Being an intermediary, a conduit to God, implies that you are closer to God, that you have been specially chosen by God, that you are somehow special in the eyes of God. Believers will look up to you, they will admire and respect you.

Self appointed spokesmen of God.
They claim to know the mind of God, to know what God wants, and it always coincides with what they want.
The voice of God
Claiming to know what God wants, is claiming to be the voice of God. The claim that your words are actually God's words, if believed, give you extraordinary power.
Religions use threats of eternal torture to get people to join them.
This is Rule by Fear.

As an atheist I am threatened by both christians and muslims with infinite torture if I do not worship their god, son of a god or prophet. I am threatened with eternal suffering if I don't partake in their religious rituals. Both the Bible and the Koran instruct followers to kill 'infidels'. Luckily, since the Enlightenment, christians have tended to ignored those instructions. Unfortunately the influence of the Enlightenment was limited to christianity and its influence is mild and fading, particularly in America where a particularly intolerant, repressive, irrational strain of christianity is thriving. America is on the verge of theocracy.

Christianity's promises of 'salvation' is actually a veiled, sugar coated, vicious threat.
When someone is converted, christians say they have been 'saved'. Saving from what?
Saved from Hell, from eternal torture.
Behind this sanctimonious smugness lies a vicious threat. Follow christianity or burn in hell for eternity.

The Tithe Scam
Tithe is blatant extortion. Using threats of eternal torture and false promises of infinite bliss to extort money from the simple.
Chuches make the Mafia look like amateurs.
They don't need goons to beat people up, so there is no risk of the police getting involved and there is little or no resentment. People pay willingly.
In their greedy quest for money some christian churches claim that whatever you give to them you will receive tenfold back.
Some churches claim to be doing 'God's work', so a donation to them is a donation to God.
So give generously and earn brownie points from God.
Most followers are too stupid to see the absurdity of an omnipotent god requiring the help of mere humans, of an omnipotent god requiring financial assistance.

Check out this article on greedy 'Born Again' scam artists

All religions are frauds. They all take advantage of public credulity. All priests, imams, mullahs, pastors, rabbis, ministers, prophets, gurus, etc are criminals. They are all perpetuators of fraud.

The god con
The just so god

Its obvious that the Abrahamic god has been specifically designed, not to be detectable.
It has been specifically designed to avoid being disproved.
It is intentionally undetectable so that it cannot be proven not to exist.
A thoroughly untestable claim.
It is invisible, not detectable through radar or x-ray, it does not give off any heat, or any radiation, it does not react with matter in any way whatsoever, except for the occasional weeping statue or spontaneous cancer regression. It does not emit any sounds. Its completely impervious to any emperical testing, totally undetectable by any known scientific instruments. So basically it is immaterial, in other words not made of matter, i.e. made of absolutely nothing. (and people still believe this!)
It does not respond to any demands to show its existence. So claims of its existence cannot be tested.
To discourage requests for evidence it is claimed that the god is offended, even angered by requests for evidence of its existence. So Blind faith gullibility is a virtue, smiled upon by the god. Scepticism, doubt and demands for evidence are frowned upon and punishment threatened. God is not to be tested.

My god is bigger than your god.
Faced with competing gods, people want to worship the most powerfull god around.
Of course it did not take long for priests to claim that their god was infinitely powerful.

No sign of god
Science has looked to the edge of the universe, to the beginning of time, science has looked inside the atom, and not found God.
So there is absolutely no evidence of a god or gods, (unless you think a toasted sandwich with an image that could, with a bit of imagination be interpreted as that of a man with a beard and long hair, is evidence of an omnipotent god) besides the fact that in science there is nothing for god to do, no reason for a god or gods to exist. Science has no need for a god or gods or any magical, supernatural forces.
God as first cause is absurd because it begs the same question as it is supposed to answer.
If a god interacted with this universe in any way, it would be detectable. A god that has no interaction with the universe is pointless.

Intelligent Design, the God of the flagella

So-called scientists like M. Behe and the whole Discovery Institute are on a desperate mission to find some scientific evidence, any scientific evidence at all, of a god, preferable their god.
And after searching the entire scientific universe the best that they can come up with is the flagella.
So they have finally found irrefutable proof of a god and its the flagella.
flagella; a tail like appendage used by various bacteria and other single cell organisms to propel themselves in a fluid.
Yes, Behe has searched this entire universe far and wide and all he can come up with, as proof for his omnipotent god is the flagella.

Supreme Arrogance
The elephant in the room
With all the talk of flagella and blood clotting mechanisms, focusing on these microscopic little details while what Behe and the Discovery Institute are really saying is; "hey we're so wonderfully fantastic, so superduper, so complex that we could only have been designed and constructed by a infinitely intelligent, infinitely powerful, perfect god.
Well I know I certainly wasn't designed and constructed by a infinitely intelligent, infinitely powerful, perfect god.
Every time I took a shit I would seriously doubt that. Every time I malfunction, every time I forget something vitally important or stub my toe or ding my car or fall of my motorcycle or get a headache or backache is proof that I was not designed by an omnipotent entity. Every mutated baby is proof against Intelligent design.

When they talk about 'the miracle of life' what they are actually saying is that they think they themselves are 'a miracle'.

Religions are anti-knowledge
By hindering the pursuit of knowledge religions promote ignorance and stupidity.
Because religions are based on lies, they are threatened by rational enquiry, they are threatened by the search for truth. They restrict the pursuit of knowledge, hamper science and hinder progress.
Religions are anti the principles of the Enlightenment, they are anti reason, anti free thought, anti knowledge.
The most famous example of this was the imprisonment of Galileo for telling the truth, and then forcing him, under threat of death, to lie. When Galileo announced that the earth goes around the sun, the catholic church denounced him as a heretic, accusing him of contradicting the bible and therefore contradicting God. The vatican forced him under threat of death to recant. The church stated that the sun went round the earth and that the earth was at the center of the universe. This was not just a false theory, it was a blatant lie.
In the same way creationism is not just a faulty theory, but a blatant lie. When creationists denounce evolution as a heresy and claim that life was created exactly according to Genesis, they are not just propagating false theories, they are telling blatant lies.
Evolution is a truth like heliocentricity is a truth.

The evoution/creation conflict is not a battle between to two equal theories, it is a battle between truth and deceit. Creationists like to say that evolution is 'just a theory', well creationism is just a primitive superstition.

In 415 AD the Alexandria Library was burned to the ground and the scientist who ran it was beaten to death by catholic monks, because they considered scientific work heretical. The damage done to science and enlightenment by this primitive act is incalculable.

In the middle ages a catholic pope ordered that all catholics in possession of encyclopedias should burn them or face excommunication from the church. Catholics believe that excommunication from the church means that one will certainly go to hell.
Encyclopedia was a result of the new enlightenment. It was a summary of scientific knowledge.
The Enlightenment was about seeking knowledge through observation and reason, not blindly accepting church authority. The vatican felt threatened by this and ordered the book burnings.

Religions have tried to suppress every scientific endeavor to investigate the workings of nature. Anthropology, anatomy, biology, zoology, paleontology, geology, astronomy, cosmology, embryonic stemcell research have all at one time or another been declared heresies by the christian churches.
Religions have, and still do promote book burnings, the banning of teaching evolution, the smashing of records, the smashing of TVs, etc. Religions are anti freedom of expression, anti freedom of speech, anti freedom of information and pro censorship.

Only weak systems, systems based on fallacies, on lies and deceit, systems full of contradictions and inconsistencies, are threatened by knowledge, by information.
Truth is not threatened by knowledge, it is strengthened by it.

In 1536, William Tyndale was burned at the stake for translating and printing the Bible in English. Church leaders had overestimated the intelligence of their followers. They thought that once people could read the bible they would see what utter nonsense it was, so they tried to prevent its translation.

Logically weak
Only irrational, logically week systems, systems without any factual basis whatsoever, need to threaten those that do not accept its doctrines.
Science does not threaten punishment if not accepted.
You are threatened with eternal torture if you do not accept creationism. The only thing that science threatens, if you do not believe in evolution, are low marks in biology.
Scientists don't need to meet at a church or other gatherings and reaffirm and reinforce their beliefs in science by reciting them over and over again.
Imagine if at every science convention or every morning at scientific laboratories throughout the world scientists clasped their hands and recited that they believed in a spherical earth, a heliocentric solar system, in atoms and quarks, the periodic table, the Big Bang and evolution.

Islam is such an insecure religion it demands that its followers partake in a reinforcing ritual five times a day.

Primitive Superstitions
Make no mistake about it, religions are primitive superstitions. There is absolutely no empirical evidence, no proof of the existence of any of the gods claimed by any of the thousands of religions. There is absolutely no evidence of 'souls' or any form of afterlife, no evidence of reincarnation, of evil spirits, demons, angles, no proof of heaven and hell, of divine intervention, of miracles, of martyrs being serviced by 72 virgins in paradise.
There is absolutely no proof of the historic truth of the scriptures, even less that the bible or the koran are the word of a supernatural entity. In fact all evidence points to the historic inaccuracy of the bible.

Miracle Madness
There is the faith healing scam, the apparition, the crying or bleeding statues and the face of Jesus or Mary or some Hindu god appearing in anything from pancakes to moldy mirrors.
Lacking any credible proof for their god theories, believers in desperation look upon miracles as proof of their god's existence. Its absurd to think that an omnipotent god would need to be prompted by a specific priest or prophet to cure someone, or only bother curing people that traveled to a certain location, like Lourdes. Even more ludicrous is the idea of an omnipotent god making a statue cry tears of blood as a promotional stunt to prove his existence. Besides the absurdity of the idea that an omnipotent god would cure a handful of people or make a statue cry as some sort of pathetic attempt to prove that he/she/it really does exist, no so-called miracle has ever been scientifically verified. Faith healers always manage to wiggle out of their proven failures by claiming that the uncured person did not have enough faith. Imagine if doctors insisted that in order for, say a polio vaccination to work the patient must believe that it will work. If faith healing were more than just a scam, christians, hindus, etc. would not need doctors and hospitals.
If faith healing were more than just a scam, there would be real incontrovertible miracles like amputee limbs growing back. So, why Won't God Heal Amputees?

Actions speak louder than words
I really doubt the sincerity of christian belief because their behavior is inconsistent with their claimed beliefs.
They claim to believe in heaven, a place of infinite bliss that all good christians go to when they die. If they really believed this, they would celebrate death. After all a person who has died is now in an infinitely better place.
After the World Trade Center massacre, Americans (the most christian people on the planet) were baying for vengeance before the dust had even settled. If they really believed that all those that were killed were now in an infinitely better place (except for the corrupt ones), they certainly would not have displayed such emotional distress and such a lust for revenge. Surely, if you really believe that someone you love has gone to an infinitely better place and that you will see them again when you die, you would be happy for them? I think that deep down christians know that their beliefs are a delusion.

'Turn the other cheek'
In the New Testament Jesus tells his followers to 'Turn the other cheek' when confronted with violence, instead of 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' that the Old Testament recommends. This is supposed to be the central tenet of christianity. It is what supposedly sets christianity apart from the other Abrahamic faiths, yet it is the most ignored instruction of the new testament.
The attack on the World Trade Center killed nearly 3000 people. A few months later America attacked Afghanistan killing well over 10 000 innocent Afghanis in what is euphemistically called 'collateral damage'.
Two years later America attacked Iraq, killing well over 100 000 innocent mostly women and children Iraqis. (New Scientist),(Nature)
Well over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND INNOCENT PEOPLE, murdered as vengeance for less than 3000 Americans, a ratio of more than 30 to 1.
This is American christian justice for you.
'Turn the other cheek', Yeah Right!
Christian Americans choose to ignore their gods' pleas. They are in fact, vengeance obsessed.
I doubt the sincerity of christian belief.

On good and evil
Which is more evil, 3000 innocents killed by a band of fanatics or 100 000 innocents killed by a democratically elected government? And christian Americans claim moral superiority. In their delusional fantasy they think that they are on the side of good, in a fight against evil.
I doubt the sincerity of christian belief.

What happened to the Age of Reason, what happened to the Enlightenment?
Its a scary fact that in the twenty first century, in an age of space telescopes, electron microscopes, magnetic resonance imaging, particle accelerators, moon landings and planetary probes, the vast majority of humans on this planet still believe in ancient myths and primitive superstitions. We have knowledge of atoms, genes, neurons and synapses, evolution, planets, stars, galaxies and the cosmos, yet the vast majority of mindsets are still in a state of ignorant superstition. One foot in the present and one foot firmly in the dark ages of the past.
The vast majority of the human inhabitants of this planet believe in the supernatural, they believe in a god or gods, in ghosts, souls, spirits, demons, clairvoyance, magic and other mysterious forces.
(here's an example of primitive dark age type behaviour in modern times)

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