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Updated Jan 2011


If you are serious about your childís education and development, allow your child the opportunity to be part of the Chanan family!

We invite you to view our facilities and meet our staff.


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Nursery School

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 What children think about themselves influences everything they do. Therefore they need to be aware of their uniqueness and their worth.

 Children need to learn and understand that their actions and words affect others and have value.

 Children need to know that others care for them

 Children need individual care and nurturing to help them grow into valuable and confident beings.

 Children must be able to act independently.

 Children should be exposed to both indoor and outdoor activities.

 Children should learn to respect the property, views and opinions of others.


 Chanan Nursery School is a structured school environment for young children whose parents are serious about their childís education and Christian development.

 Chanan Nursery School believes that children need structure and love (within a protected environment) to enable them to develop a strong emotional foundation.

 Chanan Nursery School believes that each child is precious, and with our committed staff, we are in a unique position to foster this belief in the child.

 Chanan Nursery School is a full day facility providing nurture and care for children from 3 months old to pre-grade R.



 Chanan Nursery School is not a day care centre or a play group.

Our Principal - Margaret McDonald