Cape Town School of Eurythmy

The well of inspiration for Eurythmy is found in the spoken word and music. Speech and music have become movement in a unique art form.

This art of movement has been developed and adapted to be applied in various areas of life. Eurythmy plays a major role in education, and forms an essential part of the Waldorf School curriculum, being taught throughout the child's school life. Eurythmy strengthens in the child the ability for concentration, co-ordination and spatial orientation, as well as social behaviour and many other qualities.

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The Cape Town School of Eurythmy offers:

  • Full-time 4 Year Professional Training with internationally recognised diploma
  • Part-time Training - evening classes
  • Educational Eurythmy Training - post-graduate course introducing the Waldorf method
  • Artistic Year - opportunity to experience this new artform, supported by other artistic subjects
  • Introduction to Eurythmy through weekly public classes. Also workshops can be booked by interested organisations.

  • Professional Opportunities:

    professional opportunities


    Cape Town School of Eurythmy
    37 Columbus Road
    Claremont 7700
    Cape Town
    South Africa
    Tel./Fax: (+27) 021 - 612 836

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