BOTHA in Southern Africa


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Is this a possible start to a family clan ?

To my knowledge there is no official Botha family organisation in South Africa. I do not know whether there is a call for such a body.

I would envisage that this body would:

1. Organise or oversee the Family Genealogy.
2. Organise or oversee the Family History.
3. Arrange Family get togethers.
4. Any other matters which a body of this nature looks after.
If such a body exists, could any person who knows of this please send me the details.

If there is any interest in the formation of such a body, could you please let me know at any of the addresses shown below.

Please send any information, comments or suggestions to the addresses as shown on the HOME PAGE

Date Last Updated: 30 June 1999
Date First Published: 26 June 1999

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