Dabchick Class Association


January 15, 2004

This is not Dabchick news at all and really concerns other classes. However, Peter Clayton pointed out to me that of the 46 Dabbie sailors that competed in the Nationals at Wriggleswade, 22 of them probably climb into a Laser at other times during the year.

The attachment comes from SAS. It is an invitation to apply for selection to the 2004 ISAF youth Worlds in Poland. It is being held on the Baltic see in a place where a peninsula of land probably provides dam like sailing with some pretty vicious currents.

The reason why I have sent it out is that they wish interested parties to apply by the end of this month. As I havenít seen any other publication of this letter apart from the one that was sent to me as the Dabbie Representative, I thought I would send it out to the Dabbie list so at least you lot know & can deal with it in time.

Ian Hogg 15/1/04