Dabchick Class Association


February 3, 2004

Once again this is not Dabchick news at all but a very important crossroads that needs an input from you all.

There is a concerted campaign being waged to include part of the Laser Nationals in the Dabchick Nationals. The chairman of the Optimist & Dabchick Nationals, Roger Bartholomew, has asked interested parties for a postal vote. He has not specified who or what can vote but he needs our response by 14.00 hours Friday 6th Feb 2004.

I am sure all of us would like to see the Dabchick Nationals at our spot in December and the Laser Nationals (all of it) happen at their spot in September.

Please make a point of returning Rogerís voting form & telling him that we want Dabchick only Nationals. If you can, drop me a note that you voted so that I know how it is going.


Hi all

In an earlier email I made clear the circumstances that made it very necessary to bring the matter of the classes eligible for the Junior Nationals 2004 to a conclusion without delay. I have therefore put together a form, attached, for you complete and indicate your position. There may be doubt whether the Laser 4.7 is a Nationally recognised Class at present so if the Class Association are unable to achieve this statue before the event it can be conducted as a non Championship event, as happened at Wriggleswade Dam last year.

Please make sure that you save and attach this form, after you have completed it, to your email response and send it to The Secretary,SAS Western capeEmail saswc@sailing.org.za In order to speed up the process and conclusion it would be appreciated if you send a copy to me at:rbartholomew@isat.co.za

PLEASE NOTE that your response is required by 1400, Friday, 6 Feb. 2004 Your co-operation would be appreciated Roger Bartholomew Chairman, SAS Western Cape. Championship Director, Junior Nationals 2004