Dabchick Class Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at Wriggleswade Dam, Stutterheim district on 18 December 2003 at 20:00


1 The Chairman, J Lochhead, welcomed all to the meeting and a special welcome was extended to R. Bartholomew who is from SAS. The Chairman read out the Notice of AGM.

Thanks was expressed to Sue Barker who agreed to take the minutes.

2.1      Attendance :            Annexure “A”            Bronwen Klaas, Dean Vortster, Bridgit Clayton, Megan Clayton, Kerry Peers, Jessica Hogg, Scott Quarmby, André Vorster, Ross Dyer, Martin Struwig, James Hogg, Michael Bissett, James Barker, Bevan Galloway, Gareth Lochhead, Tamaryn Bennett, Alyson Whitburn, Robert Jones, Sth Dunlee, Richard Dann, Kevin McIntosh, Finn Fitzsimons, Claudia Meek, Ricky Robinson, Carla Dyer, Cathy Largier and Alexander McClarty.

2.2            Observers : J.G. Lochhead (Chairman) S.Barker (Minute Secretary), R. Bartholomew, C. Fitzsimons, V. Dunlee, J. Vorster, K. Vorster, A. Rynhoud, R. Hill, L. Klaas, M. Peers, S. whitburn, C. Whitburn, P. Clayton, I Hogg and D. Hogg. (all parents and past parents)

3            Apologies : None Received.


4            Confirmation of previous minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held at Aeolians was read.  Proposed by Colleen Fitzsimons seconded by Lothar Klaas for acceptance.


5             Matters Arising from Previous Minutes


5.1              Fibreglass Dabchick

M Struwig wanted to know if any further development had come forward on the fibre-glass hulls. The Chairman answered that not further progress had been reported.


6        Chairman’s Report

The Chairman read his report which is attached as Annexure “B” to these minutes


7        Provincial Reports

7.1              Border.

M Struwig reported Dabchick sailing in this area is virtually dead and that most post-Optimist junior sailors are moving into catamarans.


7.2            Eastern Cape.

Dean Vorster reported from Knysna that they currently have 5 Dabbie sailors and post-Optimist sailors are coming over to the class. They also have a development programme which has been successful. Gareth Blankenburg and Davey James have done some coaching with them and they have travelled to Western Cape for some training.

The sailing at Redhouse YC has all but come to a standstill. Only two Dabchicks were attending from the P.E. area.

7.3       KZN   

The report from Ian Hogg is attached as Annexure “C”


7.2              Northvaal

The report from Peter Clayton is attached as Annexure “D”.


7.3              Western Cape

Colleen Fitzsimons reported that numbers are down a few (from the twenties to the teens). The older sailors are moving over to Extras.

In their “Points Series”, Finn Fitzsimons, Ross Dyer, Carla Dyer and Cathy Largier had been sailing well. There are thirteen dabbies at Zeekoeivlei. IYC is quite active, but not much is happening at Theewaters.

There is hope that the numbers will swell after the Optimist selection regatta has taken place.

Western Cape are also promoting two-up sailing for the smaller sailors, with a trophyto be awarded.

Western Cape are planning for a super Nationals at the end of 2004.


8                  &n bsp; Financial Report             Annexure “F”

8.1              Copies of the Financial Report were available at the meeting. Subs had been increased to R60,00 per season in 2003 and no increase for the forthcoming year was proposed.


8.2              Prize money (cash) is to be awarded at all four Provincials and at the nationals. This is in line with the proposal accepted at the 2002 AGM. Members are happy about this.

The Chairman handed out prizes for the 2003 season as follows:

Provincial Regattas:            1st = R250            2nd = R150            3rd = R100            and 1st Under 15 = R100

National Regatta            1st = R750            2nd = R450            3rd = R300            and 1st Under 15 = R300

A Bonus prize of R800 is to be awarded to the sailor with the best results after two Provincials and the National Regatta.


8.3              Martin Struwig suggested that the funds be used to buy a new Dabchick to be awarded as a bonus prize. This suggestion was not accepted.


8.4              Colleen Fitzsimonsn raised concern that the subs list received from SAS was incorrect, as some names of paid up members did not appear. Colleen offered to contact SAS in Cape Town to clarify the situation.


9                  &n bsp; Election of Office Bearers

9.1              John Lochhead said that he would be standing down as Chairman, and nominated Mr. Ian Hogg to take up the challenge. Lochhead’s proposal was seconded by Nadine Dunlee. Ian Hogg accepted and was duly elected as Chairman for the forthcoming year 2004.

9.2              The election of Secretary took place. John Lochhead was proposed by Ian Hogg and seconded by Peter Clayton. John Lochhead accepted.

9.3              Provincial Measurers : I Hogg (KZN), R Waters(E. Cape), Cor Langhout(Northvaal) and Casey Wolters(W. Cape).

9.4              Provincial Chairmen: P Clayton(Northvaal), I Hogg(KZN), J.Lochhead (E Cape), and C. Fitzsimons(W Cape).

9.5              Technical Committee: Cor Langhout, Mike Sadler and Neville Norton.


10                General

10.1     Postal Vote held in October 2002.

There has been no report back from the Technical Committee with regard to this matter.



10.2     Venue of next year’s Nationals.

Roger Bartholomew of SAS (Western Cape Chairman) addressed the meetingabout the Nationals to be held at Hermanus from 11 to 18 December 2004. He painted a picture of good planning, excellent sailing and shore facilities. Roger urged all to make early bookings – these can be made through the SAS website early in 2004. Roger handed out information packs to those present.

There was some discussion about the proposed dates and Roger asked that anyone who may have a different proposal to please submit this via the Provincial Reps within one week.


10.3     Mrs Vorster from Knysna commented that the Dabchick website is difficult to access through the SAS website, and she requested an improvement. The incoming Chairman, Ian Hogg agreed to look into the matter.



10.4     Colleen Fitzsimons proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing Chairman, John Lochhead.


As there no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 21:05.


S. Barker

Minute Secretary.