Dabchick Class Association



  1. Membership.
    Apply to the South African Sailing for an application form for DASA membership.
    If the handbook is also required ask the SAS office what is the current handbook fee.
    Return the application form to the SAS with the membership fee ( and handbook fee ). Your membership card ( and handbook ) will be posted to you.

  2. Transfer of ownership.
    Apply to the SAS for the appropriate form. Re-submit the completed form together with the measurement certificate obtained from the former owner. The endorsed measurement certificate will be returned to you.
  3. Copy of measurement certificate.
    Apply to the SAS who will issue a certified copy of the measurement certificate. Enquire from the SAS as to the amount of the fee for the issuing of a copy and forward it with the application.
  4. Dabchick Plans
    Ask the SAS office what is current fee for a set of Dabchick plans. It is strongly recommended that if you do not already have a Dabchick Handbook you obtain one at the same time, as it contains instructions on how to build a Dabchick, measurement schedule and Class Rules. ) Send the Dabchick plan fee ( and handbook fee ) to the SAS office and the plans ( and handbook ) will be posted to you.
  5. Registration and issue of NEW sail number.
    It is strongly recommended that you have a measurer check the hull measurements ( section A of the measurement schedule ) before completion of the boat. ( A sail number may be issued if the measurer is satisfied that the hull conforms to the Class Rules.)
    Take the completed boat to an appointed SAs Dabchick measurer for checking. A copy of the measurement schedule is included with the handbook.
    On completion of the schedule, post it direct to the SAs for consideration by the DASA Technical Committee. If the boat conforms with the class rules, the measurement certificate will be issued.