1. Title - The name of the Association shall be

2. Definitions -
"SAS" means the South African Sailing.
"Council" means the Council of the South African Sailing.
"DASA" means the Dabchick Association of South Africa.
"Committee" means those persons elected to the committee of DASA in
accordance with this constitution.

3. Object - The object of DASA shall be to promote the development of the Dabchick class, the training of its members, and to ensure that the yachts in this class comply with the rules of the class as approved by the Council.

4. Membership - The membership of DASA shall be open to all persons who are interested in the sport of yachting and who are younger than the maximum age limit. Membership expires on the 31 December of the year in which the member has their 18th birthday or on the last day of a regatta of which the official starting date is on or before the said 31 December, whichever is later. Members of DASA shall also be members of the SAYRA.

5. Subscriptions - There shall be no entrance fee. The committee shall determine the subscription which is to be paid to the funds of the Association.

6. Administration - DASA shall be administered by a Committee consisting of a Chairman and a minimum of four additional members who may be non- members of DASA. The Committee shall be elected annually at the AGM of DASA.

7. The members present at the AGM shall elect a Chairman and a minimum of four additional persons to comprise the DASA committee. The additional persons shall each reside in a different Province. In the event of a vacancy occurring the remaining members of the Committee may appoint a suitably qualified person to fill such vacancy.

8. Powers of Committee - The committee shall have full power to transact all the business of DASA and shall be required to keep all books, accounts, etc. which are necessary for the efficient administration of DASA.

9. General Meetings of DASA - Annual General Meetings of DASA shall be arranged by the Committee. No more than 18 months shall be allowed to elapse between consecutive meetings. Twenty one days notice of such meetings shall be given. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be :-

a) To receive and if thought fit to adopt a report by the Committee on the affairs of DASA.

b) To consider and if thought fit to adopt the Financial Statements of the Association as certified by SAYRA.

c) To consider and if thought fit to adopt any amendment of the constitution, of which notice shall be given together with the notice of the meeting.

d) To elect the committee.

e) Blank

f) To transact such further business as this constitution specifically authorises an Annual General Meeting of members to transact.

10. Special Meetings - The Committee may convene other General Meetings of DASA at their discretion, and shall be obliged to call a General meeting upon receipt of a written request to do so from at least the number of DASA members as defined in Clause 11. Twenty-one days notice of such a meeting shall be given.

11. Quorum - The quorum at any General Meeting shall be the minimum number of starters required to constitute a Junior National Championship.

12. Amendment of Constitution and Class Rules - Any amendment of this Constitution or the Dabchick Class Rules shall require a two thirds majority of the voting members for its acceptance - All members will be given the opportunity to vote.

13. Postal Voting - The Committee may arrange a postal vote to ascertain the views of members on changes to the class rules, or on other matters affecting the affairs of DASA. The Committee shall be obliged to arrange such a postal vote upon written request to do so from at least the number of members given as a quorum number. For a postal vote to be accepted by the Committee as valid, replies must be received from at least 15% of the members of DASA at the time. Where this percentage is attained, the committee shall regard a two thirds majority vote as representing the wishes of members of DASA in deciding any subsequent action to be taken.

14. Financial Year - The financial year shall end on 31 December.

15. Technical Committee - The Committee shall appoint a Technical Committee consisting of not less than three persons to advise on all technical matters relating to the Dabchick. The Committee may terminate their membership at any time.