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  The Peace of Love and of Spirit

The Peace of Love and of Spirit.

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We are on earth to learn to know our Spirit and improve our true selves. Also to gain that inner strength, wisdom, understanding and self discipline. Problems of any type, (upbringing, environment, addicted to whatever parents, racial, country, emotional, material, job, etc,) must be handled as challenges in a way that helps others and us.

The problems should not be used as an excuse for any negative behavior or bad circumstances in which you find yourself.

Cultivate your spiritual life which usually appears to be the smallest part of your mortal life. Do this by using every experience, good or bad, for the ultimate good. You will discover that spiritual thoughts and inspirations will be attracted to you. It takes a little effort for short periods of time, regularly, to obtain the sustenance of heaven for yourselves.

The purpose of spiritual development is have strength to face and live life joyfully and spiritually without having to lean on any external props that usually have foundations of clay.

"Seek the Kingdom (Heaven) within, find it, and all else will be added unto you."

Achieving spirituality entails identification, sacrifice, study, contemplation, discipline and meditation. Also it is meant to be that we must thoroughly enjoy life's joys and benefits, that God has placed here, at the same time.

Everything that is good comes, slowly at first like grains of gold, once you step consciously onto the first step of upward progression.

We are all going to "die". When we were born to earth we "died" to another plane or the spiritual world. When we "die" to earth we are born again into the spiritual world.

"Ere the silver cord is loosed, and the golden bowl broken"

Try to leave your corner of earth a sweeter place than when you arrived there.



Life on earth and in Spirit should be joyous and productive. Heaven, Hell and variations in between, are a state of consciousness or awareness. The level of joyousness and productivity, or neither, is entirely controlled by the individual for themselves and cannot be blamed on God, any person, the "devil", external circumstances, or the place and environment where one situated.

The manner in which and what happens when we "die" is individual, with many variations. But there are similarities. We must investigate and prepare for "death" as one would plan for a journey overseas.

"No man knoweth when the bridegroom cometh" said Christ

It is much better to be met, when you are born to the spiritual world, by friends you have helped who have "died" before you, than to arrive without preparation or knowledge and find yourself in a mist of insecurity and fear. That will happen to those that fear that this is their only life, and because they made a few mistakes, "sinned", they will be dammed forever.

For others who believe that they have led a good life, but this is the only life, they will find themselves in a mist that can be dispelled with a thought of will to disperse it. They will then find themselves feeling so well and alive that they will not believe anyone from the spiritual world, where they will be, who tells them that the are "dead". Spirit helpers will eventually convince them and help them to adjust.

Work for spiritual food, spiritual wealth, spiritual prosperity that is paid as spiritual gold into the bank of Spirit.

"Lay up for thy selves treasures in heaven which the moth and rust can not corrupt"



On Earth we can act and hide our real feelings, thoughts, and lie, etc. The spiritual world is a mental telepathic world where everyone can "see" our real feelings and thoughts. If we are lying everyone can "see" it.

"Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God" said Christ.

Controlling the mind and personality is difficult and takes dedication and effort. It is better to be a truthful, good and spiritual person on earth, where it is easier to learn to do.

We do not change suddenly when we "die" and become angels, playing harps forever to, whom would be, a very bored God. We are the same person. Only the heavy cloak of a material body has been exchanged for a healthy, vibrant more ethereal form. How, vibrant or dull etc, your body will be is dependant on your thoughts and motives on earth.

Sometimes we get halfway to the Spirit realms, when we leave our body during a surgical operation, and can see our body and see and hear all that is happening in the room. Many people return stating that they had a beautiful vision. Often we leave our body during sleep and remember the happenings as a dream.

People of like Spirit, soul and mind move to the same place in the spiritual world. A good person will not have to mingle with murderers etc. People who spend their lives causing trouble, vicious slander and criticism, gravitate together and suffer much at the hands of their compatriots and their own mental trauma.

There are seven planes of existence and many sub-planes where similar types of people can and do congregate.The seven planes are finer and finer states or vibrations/feelings. As one progresses you are able to stay in the vibration that suits you. The lava of a mosquito lives in water and progresses to the air as a mosquito. Neither can live in the other vibration/environment/plane.

A spirit on the second plane can only communicate with the first plane via a medium who can tune in to both planes. The same applies to the first plane and earth.

The astral or starry plane has subplanes for accommodating and separating each type of person, from the murderer to the saint. Astral hell to astral heaven. On earth the plane of prison to the plane of a palace.

"In my fathers house are many mansions and I go to prepare a place for you" said Christ.

We can study, compose music, design, nurse, teach etc, etc. Material things like eating, sleeping and money are not necessary but can be enjoyed if one chooses. The "material things" can be produced by the power of thought.

Some people pass to the spiritual world before their "three score years and ten." This can be because they have received the necessary learning experience lacking in previous incarnations. Usually they are popular, dedicated, gifted and loved. Although you will miss them, send them off with joy, and know that one day you will be reunited.



God is a God of love, caring, help, mercy and forgiveness. Not a Being of judgement: "You go to heaven. You go to hell." As many are taught and believe. There is no deed or thought that is right or wrong. It is the motive behind the action that counts and is important.

Examine your motives and caste away those layers of false personality. Your Spirit, not God, judges your actions and holds you to account.

Unfortunately most people are taught and learn much more about evil, which is "live" backwards, than they learn about good. Also about the false dire consequences awaiting those that transgress church laws which are supposedly Gods laws. Possessed of the "Devil" is having "lived" life backwards instead of progressing.

God gives us love, but something to love he lends us, for all is his.

"Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord God in vain" means do not destroy your harmony with God by any of the utterances you make.

The true basis of all teachings, from whatever source, is that there is one powerful omnipotent God who acts, upon humanity in general and the universe in particular, through various channels. So take the unadulterated teaching that appeals to you, to give you inner and outer understanding and make you a better person.

The Holy Ghost is the comforter - the Spirit of life - life itself - the soul of God.

Courtesy, grace and unselfish actions are handles to open the door of Spirit. True courtesy not the suave twisting courtesy.

God can only help those that make the effort to help themselves, without being detrimental to others in any way.



Our Spirit, which is the part of God within all of us, has the inclination to better us if not overruled by our conscious will. There is a database in the spiritual world called the Akashic Records, which has in it everything that has ever happened to us and everyone else. We consult this, if we want to, when we pass to Spirit as did Jesus, Dives, Lazarus, Abraham, John the Baptist, etc.

This is when we come face to face with our true selves, and decide how we can learn to perfect ourselves. God does not judge us. We judge ourselves.

We then choose our parents, country, race, gender, conditions etc to be born into again on earth. This is to achieve perfection by handling the material challenges that are necessary for us as individuals. All this is not often possible in one lifetime so we return time and again.

"I knew the glory when I was once with you before the world was" said Christ.

Many paths lead to the same correct place. Your correct way need not necessarily be another's correct way. There are many religions which would not be there if there is only one right path to follow. Often we fail, but the same challenge will crop up again and again until it is mastered in this lifetime, or the next, or the next. Suicide only delays the learning curve.

We can also learn to perfect ourselves by helping the material world from the spiritual world. Then we are called guardian angels etc. Sometimes we are born to parents who need a spiritual link and we "die" young having effected what we chose to do by the contact. Leaving early cements the change in the parents and we can then help from the spiritual planes.

There are bad Spirits. All they knew on earth were vice, sorrow and degradation and they take great delight in causing problems on earth once more. They are earth bound and in the "hell" part of the Spirit world. Usually fortunately, they can only influence people who are often under the heavy influence of drugs or drink. Also those people who actively seek their negative and destructive help to obtain power for themselves.

Eventually these Spirits will get a glimmer of the true direction to take and will be born to earth again, progress and get higher up the scale of perfection. So some are not lost, just delayed.



Our Soul is that part of us which serves us with hunches, intuitions, inner knockings. To commune with your soul is to turn inward to try and sort out a challenge unencumbered by others distorted ideas and their sneers.

"Seek the Kingdom within" as Christ said.

The soul is part of us in the material world. (the power of memory, understanding and will). The Spirit is our oversoul in eternity. The power of the subconscious must be sought diligently.

The soul and Spirit should be brought together in Holy Matrimony as God envisaged and stated.

Breath is life. If you take in a breath with positive thoughts, it becomes the life of the soul and Spirit as well. Breathe in the trace elements of wisdom and joy. Control your breath, evenly and slowly, and you control your temper and the excuse to use others as a scapegoat.

The door to the soul can only be opened from the inside. Do not open it to any intruder trying to coerce you to act wrongly. Only open it to Christ and believe the strength and power of that gentle love.

A person who can walk with God and at the same time walk amongst their fellow beings with truth, honour and fidelity filled with kindness towards them, is a person to be most respected.

"Thou shalt not kill" also means do not belittle any goodness or kindness that may benefit another. Do not cut yourself off from the divine Spirit, beauty and love to satisfy your desire for superiority and domination over others.

Shepherds and sheep are mentioned in many parts of the Bible as factual. It also should be read as the flocks of sheep in your brain. Your emotions as derived from the five senses. Your impetuousness. Your likes and dislikes. These need a good shepherd. A progressive, spiritual YOU.

Angels appeared to shepherds. It should also be read as a higher power, the Christ power, made itself felt to people, and can at certain times make itself felt to you if you bring it from your unconscious into the light of your conscious awareness. A new spiritual birth.

The average person has no inner richness and happiness due to lack of positive expression of free will. They are bound with the bonds of like and dislike (emotional will). If this is allowed to accumulate they will be bound by the same bonds when they "die."

Liberate yourself. When you attain and live this rich life within, outward attitude and things will be enriched, and happiness can be yours.

"Bring a lamp unto my feet." Meaning enlighten my understanding.



Parents. Your children are not yours. They are souls on loan to you to help on their pathway in this life. It is a huge responsibility that you chose. Teach by example.

You cannot demand respect. You must earn it. Obviously parenthood is part of your progression or recession in life.

Discipline with balance and love are essential ingredients started from birth. Most problems, with children, can be laid only at your doorstep with no, but if this, or, but if that. If you opt out, the challenges will reoccur until you do learn.

From the child's point of view they have to face the challenge of bad parents and hopefully soon learn from the experience how to be better parents when they choose parenthood.

"Honour thy father and thy mother" This means honour the concept of fatherhood and motherhood that made it possible to be born to earth and have the opportunity to progress. It does not mean, for instance, honour a parent who is a drunkard and who batters you.

If a normal child is in an abnormal mental state, sobbing for instance, stand them up and turn them around three times. Repeat in five minutes. This will alter their attitude, for the better, at that moment in time. You can do the same for yourself when you are in a negative state.



One main Sin in the world is perpetrated by those people who perpetually dwell in spiritual darkness, without spiritual hope, without charity, in selfishness, subjugating others for financial profit and power, with wrongful pride and in spiritual fear.

They have allowed resentment to turn to hatred. Envy to turn to jealousy. False pride to turn to arrogance.

"Sins" in one community or race may not be a "sin" elsewhere.

The true translation of "Sin" is "missing the mark." So stop missing the mark in all the "sins" that "they" say you commit.

The motive for an act makes it a sin or not.

The bible states that greed, jealousy, envy, false pride, gluttony and avarice are the sins of people. Rid yourself of these. Follow the beatitudes.

Life is not meant to be spent in a perpetual state of piety and holiness. Enjoy the good and joyous parts of life to the full.



Possession of a person by one, or many, Spirit entities happens. It is not all bad but it has to be handled. Most call it "schizophrenia." Some call it "multiple personality disorder."

This often happens when a child or teenager is placed under continual very stressful conditions. The possession then continues into adulthood.



Fate can be likened to what happens to a sailing ship (you) which is rudderless. The winds blow the ship everywhere. The seas and rocks will take their toll and the ship can end up anywhere. Possibly with less than ideal results. Fate can stop your true aspirations for a life time.

If you decide to make an effort and construct a rudder, plot your course, and then learn to use the rudder, stick to your course despite challenges,(the stronger winds may still blow you off course sometimes), you can alter fate. Have patience. It has taken you quite a while to reach this decision to change things.

If you take passengers and help them to get to a good destination, for them, you will be rewarded in many ways.

Altering fate does not make for all smooth sailing. It alleviates unnecessary hardship brought on by unplanned causes and other people.

Many people go through life in a state of somnolent consciousness, without using brain or logic on things that matter. The smallest irritation puts them off balance. Life is a drudgery instead of a grand challenge.

We will only progress by analyzing ourselves, looking within and taking responsibility for ourselves. Handle the oppressors and takers in a spiritual way. All happenings and conditions are often blamed on other people or external causes. This will mean that other people or external causes control your lives for everything negative. Fate again. The easy way out for you. "It is not my fault."

So you wallow in self-pity and remorse and make no positive effort. Sooner or later it will dawn on you that you are not happy with this material and non spiritual state of affairs. It is not taking you anywhere forward with peace and joy. Your soul yearns towards a higher type of consciousness. The divinity that has been dormant within you.

That is "Divine Discontent."

Use the handle of faith to open every door to abundance, including fate.

Get rid of the monster of conscience and generate courage to progress.

Live high spiritually. Extend your sensitivity and knowledge beyond the mortal senses and acquire a spiritual culture that will create a new "fate" here and access to a finer strata, than before, when you pass on to the world of Spirit.



You can accept responsibility and make a conscious effort for yourselves by contacting your Spirit, your subconscious mind, and by improving your intuition, through prayer, meditation, and contemplation.

Religion can be spiritual but spiritual does exist without religion.

Meditation is a deep inner feeling of upliftment (personal and not connected to any religion) towards a spiritual or progressive happening in oneself. It is your search for the finer spiritual forces within you. This is best done just before dawn and a few minutes into the sunrise. To still your conscious mind repeat the first three sentences of the Lords prayer many times out softly, feeling divine love, and then relax finding the silent presence of God in everything.

"Go quietly and talk to your father in private" said Christ.

Contemplation is thinking about, or on, a subject.

Intuition is that spontaneous wisdom that is free of the brain. Wisdom that is not cluttered with reasoning, likes and dislikes, motives or feelings.

Meditation, prayer and contemplation should be done on a daily basis. If you are physically in surroundings not conducive to this, mentally visualize and take yourself to a special place for you. Perhaps a shady brook on a hot summers day. Perhaps watching the healing colours of a rainbow in the peace of the mountains.

At least once a week you should go out physically into a natural setting and recharge the spiritual batteries with the type of meditation that is right for you. Material life, family, business and pleasure, should be lived truthfully and spiritually all the time.

"Ask and you will receive".

This allows you to know what to do that is right for you in any situation. Sometimes what you receive may appear to be way off course , but accept it as a stepping stone to where you want to go. With hindsight it will be found to have been for the best.

When something negative happens, think deeply about your reaction to the position, not the position itself. The trouble will then somehow be adjusted.

Your subconscious mind should also be allowed to help you. It knows far more than your conscious mind. Sleep on it after thinking the challenge through. Seeking others advice is usually fatal to your peace of mind and fatal to the correct solution to the challenge. Occasionally you may find someone whose wisdom and judgement you can respect and accept without rejecting them afterwards in the shame that you may feel that they gave the right advice.

There are many ways to pray and meditate. For instance the statement "Oh what a beautiful sunset" is a prayer of love. You are acknowledging God and his love of humanity, good and bad, in pouring all those colours over you to heal and revitalize.

When you pray for help clear your mind of fear, hatred, dislike etc. Then consciously align yourself with the light of God. He knows your needs so do not concentrate on those needs. Ask for help joyfully without stating the manner in which the help should be given. This manner of praying has to be learnt. So continue to strive and be patient.

Prayer is not mouthing phrases of devotion. Your thought must be involved with all you say with patience, sincerity and thoroughness. Prayer is a reverent contemplation of abundance.

Only you are, in the end, responsible for your progression or regression. Not your priest, teachers, parents or employer etc. Many people may tell you all they know about swimming for instance. You will still sink in the water. That is until you decide to put in the effort to control your body, mind and breath in the watery situation and swim.

There are definitely more than five senses that can be developed.

"They have ears but they hear not. They have eyes but they see not" said Christ.

Christ urged "have faith" and spoke about the "single eye" which filled the whole body with light. In other words develop ears that "hear" and eyes that "see" mentally as well as physically, and the light of wisdom will shine on you.

The subconscious mind, the conscious mind and the super conscious mind are separated until you align them with effort of will, desire and feeling. Let your intelligence work at its highest level to help you to have wisdom in all your undertakings. The will is the executive factor of wisdom.

Look at circumstances with both eyes. Do not have one eye shut with prejudice.

Remember, that when you pray for help for yourself, be sure of a positive motive. Never let jealousy, envy, idleness, or harm to someone be part of your desire.

Remove the negative energy, from yourself, that comes from others. Daily and sometimes in stressful conditions, hourly. Do this by consciously breathing in positive energy and breathing out negative energy. Hug a tree. Do anything, with positive thought, in nature. Pass the negative energy out to even cut flowers in a vase. Negative energy is usually the cause of extreme tiredness, even when you have slept well and should feel rested.

"Seek and you will find". In private, away from those who frown upon, laugh at, or heap scorn on you.



Thought is the essence of energy. When you invest your actions very deeply with thought you animate that thought with your life force. When you allow your senses only to direct your lives these senses in the end behave as very badly trained servants.

Every man desires the serenity of faith which will remove the obstacles of guilt, fear and remorse.

Faith, without deep thought and conviction attached, becomes changeable and fluctuating. Faith should be valid and constant. It is alright for your faith in a car, for instance, to change but not in a positive spiritual life. Faith is not achieved merely by thinking of the word but by conscious cooperation and effort on a continual basis.

Faith is not all, but it makes all things possible. It is the bridge between the possible and the impossible. Attaining peace of the soul though, is all important. Use the deep inner wealth of thought to think for yourself about things of the soul, the Spirit and to find truth.

"Faith can move mountains" said Christ

Use faith (tuning in and believing), love (honour, goodness, purity, truth, sympathetic understanding,) and higher consciousness (your Spirit) to move the mountains of fear, doubt, indecision, jealousy, resentment, false ambitions and false pride to make the real you visible.

"Know the truth and it will set you free"

Truth is the underlying veracity of the cause which brings the effect.

Thought is that dynamic force that brings into objectivity the insubstantiate and invisible powers which are continually flowing through the universe. Thought is composed of many powers. Faith, hope, charity, healing etc. How you receive these powers turns you into a positive happy person or negative unhappy person. The mind of a person never "dies" so always strive for improvement. Find humility, which is oneness with God.

Faith brings justice, courage, calmness, peace, etc.

You are made "a little lower than the angels." You have a brain controlled by your thoughts which make you someone special, or someone different, or someone lukewarm, or someone objectionable. Train your thoughts which are harnessed by your will, using breath and prayer.

Thought is intelligence in action, charged with the power of feeling. You are turned into a devil or an angel dependant on the type of feeling. Always generate a feeling of desire to elevate yourself.

Self development gives you the imperviousness to the slights, insults and trials others heap on anyone who seeks goodness and spirituality.



Our Subconscious mind is like the genie of Alladins lamp. It is powerful and must be kept occupied, but it does not question only obey any commands. Thus if you jokingly say "I can never remember names " (or I am stupid etc) your subconscious will see to it that you will not remember names. A self fulfilling situation.

Rather always state a positive situation that you wish to achieve. Do this just before going to sleep. If you truly feel, believe, visualize and work towards the positive situation, it will come to pass. But learn patience and tenacity.

One way to state a positive situation is to think of a word that will express the positive situation. For instance, Tranquility. Do not state that you are tranquil if you are not tranquil. Picture what is tranquil to you. Maybe a still natural pool made by rocks. Then go to sleep and let your subconscious work for you.

If the subconscious is continually fed with dislikes, hidden prejudices and fears the whole body becomes clogged with negativity, which results in chronic physical and mental debility.

Also a subconscious, fed with layers and layers of false social interest, false social sentiments, acts like a chain around you. To be "free" is not obtained by revolution. It is an aware consciousness of the position, not coloured by prejudices, likes, dislikes, but as it is. Then judge with wisdom what your next move should be.

If you have to make a negative statement, then use the past tense. This will give a message to your subconscious mind that you want to change the present situation.

Bring forth your subconscious on desire, interest, feeling and practice.



Negativity is apparently stronger than positivity in human beings. The reason is, that mostly, the negativity has been caused by the person themselves and their will power. The will power is then used to try to change the negativity to positivity once divine discontent kicks in. The will power is at the same strength and it will fail to change an entrenched negativity caused by itself.

The idea is not to concentrate on the negativity (or bad habits) as this gives it additional power. Rather bypass the negativity and do something positive.

For instance with a drinking (or eating or smoking etc) problem. If one states, and concentrates on, that one is going to give up drinking, it is going to actually make the position worse.

Rather ask for spiritual help and when one feels that one has got to have that drink, concentrate on physical and mental health, and take the money that the drink would cost and give it to some deserving person or charity.

Do not try to force negative or worrying thoughts (or habits) away. Substitute their opposite positive thought and/or do something manual for a while which will allow your subconscious to take over.

Often a so called sorrow is the lack of gratification of your own senses. The aim, to obtain that type of gratification, should be altered to receive peace. You are suffering from self pity and you should mentally cast the unworthy feeling from you.

Gain mastery over circumstances, bad temper, and other temptations detrimental to your Spirit. Lessons in self discipline.

Desire for the positive acquisition of worldly goods should not shackle you to the negative - jealousy, envy, dishonesty and self dishonesty etc.

Try and feel at one with the invisible, beautiful powers surrounding you that constructed you and sustain you.



Illness (theirs, their child or family member) is used by a great many people as the usual talking point, a focus, and an excuse, often subconscious, for not progressing materially or spiritually. Someone who is constipated usually has a mental blockage about some area of their life. Even over weight can be reduced if the mental reason is sought. For instance because they do not think that they are worthy of their own or others love and are filled with fears.

Many are consumed by hatred for someone who has, or is perceived to have done them, some wrong. Mentally, physically and emotionally these people will never heal, and will go through life with much suffering.

That is until they decide to do something about it. Each person has a daily allotment of spiritual energy. If this energy is excessively used negatively, it will go into overdraft and after a while the overdraft amount will have to be supplied by the persons cells. Mental, emotional and/or physical illness results, which will not be cured by any outside source or person.

Increase and use your spiritual energy, positively.

Jealousy is so prevalent on earth and a cause of ill health and depression. Jealousy stemming, sometimes unconsciously, from, fear, losing a loved one, having your business taken over, puerile self vanity that hates anyone else to receive praise, etc. Look within, acknowledge the problem, look upwards for higher aspirations and redeem and heal yourself.

Make a friend of your nervous system.

Replace wrongful pride and wounded vanity with tolerance and great heartedness.

Many elderly people get a chronic disease which will not be cured in this lifetime. If it is their time, they will "die." Those close to them pray that they may be saved from "death." A miracle that is not possible and they are very disappointed when it does not happen. The power of prayer should not be wasted so rather direct it to the elderly person passing to Spirit in joy and away from the pain and suffering in material life.

There are many ways to heal a physically or mentally sick person who cannot or will not heal themselves. Prayer. Faith healing. Spiritual healing. Spiritual magnetism. Personal magnetism. Laying on of hands. Natural remedies, etc. Many factors come into play no matter which method is used. The right time is essential. The unseen interaction between the healer or medication with the sick person must be right.

Many times healing works. Often it does not work. When this happens the type of healing must not be dismissed as false. One type of healing does not help all. Is the "healer" genuine? Does the person subconsciously not want to be healed ? Seek the true reason for the failure.

Illness is "caused" by virus's or bacteria etc. Negative attitude, negative thought, negative speech, lack of caring for your mind, body and soul, etc, opens the door and invites them in.

Many people enjoy the love and attention that illness brings and will not heal.

If you want to get better, just before going to sleep, identify yourself completely with feeling healthy and the things that you would then do.



Change. Forgive yourself and others. You are here to learn and this can only take place with experience which means that often you make a mistake which you would not have done if you had had more knowledge.

Forgive yourself and learn. Judge what goes wrong, with wisdom. Do not blame yourself for something that is not your fault but check to see if you were weak in not supporting what would have been the solution. Examine your motives.

Hindsight is an exact science. Do not dwell in the past and "cry over spilt milk". Use whatever mistakes (ie deeds of unkindness and misery) you have made, and recognize as such, as compost on your roots towards new growth and a beautiful bloom within your heart.

Forgive yourself your sins against others by performing good and kind acts, not necessarily involving the same people, which would then cancel the debts.

Repent. This means have " a change of heart" about your mistaken actions or attitude to challenges. It can also mean to "sorrow." Most people use this stupidly, sitting in idle remorse for "sins" past committed until this remorse becomes neurotic.

Live in the present. Plan for the future.Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

One way to help your progression is to set goals for yourself. Write down in a private book, or password protected computer file, what you wish to achieve materially, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Set achievable goals. State in detail what you want. State in detail how you are going to get there. Include giving help to others. Note the positive things in your life, no matter how small. Revise once a month. Do not discuss or show the book, or file, to anyone. Not to anyone.

"Cast not thy pearls before swine" said Christ.

The people who are apparently helped by "Luck" are those who put positive effort and dedication into life. "Luck" is when preparation meets opportunity. Put willingness, service and achievement into a job that you think does not suit you, while visualizing something better, which will then happen in the right time. Do this to banish mental fatigue and ill health. Do not work filled with resentment and hatred as it will filter into other parts of your life.

Earth age is not important. It is your attitude to life that makes the difference. Be forever young in your zest for knowledge, health, joy, inner peace, truth and abundance.

Seek the broader picture with balanced judgement. Do not have tunnel vision and bigotry. Life is not meant to be spent in a perpetual state of piety and holiness.

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God" said Christ

The "pure in heart" are not unstained by sin but those that have overcome many sins and yearn for the purity of God to come within them. It does not mean a complete practice and knowledge of theology.

"The flames of hell" are the burning remorse of hidden fearful things.

There is a negative selfish self desire for power, named "Satan" by Christ. State for yourself and actively mean it. "Get thee behind me Satan."

Achieve the feeling of true power and triumph when you have eliminated your faults.



Forgiving others does not mean that you say it is alright, for instance, for someone to have murdered your spouse, and that you are required to forgive, embrace the perpetrator, help them, and understand them. The statement that "This will make you a better, spiritual, etc person" is a figment of many peoples imagination and/or a misinterpretation of some holy book.

What forgiveness means is that your hatred of the murderer must be taken away by yourself. Hate rebounds back to the person giving it out and causes problems in their life. Being constantly in the baddies negative power by hating them , thinking negatively about them and their deed will be taken away by true forgiveness. Hating gives the hated more negative power and takes inner power, and the light of understanding from you.

What happens to the baddy, or where they are, should not be any part of your thoughts or actions. The murderer will get their just dues here and in hereafter.

The murderers should be ordered to be operated on by a brain surgeon to modify that part of the brain that causes the behavior which they should have been able to control, if they had wanted to. This will allow the culprit to lead a productive life out of a cell. It will also save billions of whatever currency spent on jailing them for the rest of their lives.

Forgiveness also applies to all the other lesser damaging verbal, physical or material actions of others against you. Use the energy saved, by not hating, to help those that need your help, play music, design, paint, enjoy nature, whatever positive thought and actions take your fancy.

Getting annoyed or loosing your temper because of someone's actions (on the road for instance) drains and affects you, mentally and physically. It does not solve the problem or punish the perpetrator. Remain internally calm and handle the position in a positive way.

"Resist not evil" does not mean that you must welcome it's destroyal of you. It means give evil no place in your mind and consequently no power over your desires and actions. Banish resentment, hatred and vindictiveness from within you and you will then not attract it to you.

Christ said forgive your enemies unto seventy times. Banish the negatives and practice understanding and forgiveness. You will then attract these virtues and align yourself with them. You thus become more like Christ and there could be no better fate for any person.

Examine what generates hatred and what generates love within you - the real reason. Then you will begin to know yourself.

"Man to thine own self be true, and it must follow as day follows night, thou canst not then be false to any man."



Grieving, continuously, over someone special to you who has died, been murdered (or killed in some way) does not mean that this proves your love for them. It usually causes problems for them, for you and all those close to you.

Concentrate, when you think of them, on the period of the loving life together up to the final happening and get on with your life. Do not think ever about the final happening. This releases them, instead of holding them back in the spiritual world, to progress as they should.

You will also, then, not stunt your own progress needlessly.



Money is not the root of all evil. It is the love and worship of money that is the problem. If money is earned honestly and responsibly , as an employer or employee, and spent or given away confidentially with good motives, it is all part of living properly and progressing on earth. Giving to charity with public knowledge is "heartstring" business advertising and thus negative.

A person who worships money, their home and contents for instance, for the reason of having more, being better than and the envy of others, will on passing to Spirit suffer huge emotional problems. In Spirit all those others can create, by a mere thought of will, the most sumptuous mansion with the most perfect contents.

A person who worships the golden calf ( material possessions ) does not have the time, or wish, to learn about and experience spiritual growth. The "devil" has taken possession, or they worship the "devil", as "they" say. The person will have lived ( spelt backwards = "devil") life backwards, negatively and unhappily by their own choice.

If a business is acting against your morals, and you are not able to do anything about it, then it is not the place for you. Walk away, as soon as possible, and another door will open that is better, if you can but wait a while.

Money is a passport to any place except heaven. Money can buy you anything except true happiness.

"Do unto others as you would they do unto you."



Fear and Fatigue are the two main challenges of humanity.

These are the headings under which most negative actions or states of being can be allocated. For instance lies could be the fear of inadequacy, etc. Jealousy could be the fear of loss of intimacy, etc. Arguments and mistakes could be the result of fatigue and/or fear.

Treachery is the most besetting sin and it is caused by fear. It is the worst thing people practice.

For many the fear of death is a major part of their lives. Analyzing and facing fear of whatever kind and then handling it in a positive manner should be your aim. Fear is generated by what is, or perceived to be, unknown (ignorance). Fear brings many negative things like hatred, greed, envy, anger, irritation, etc.

Worry opens the door to fear to take over your health, your thoughts, and your general demeanour.

The fear, that you take courage to face, usually is far from as bad as the picture that your mind had conjured up about that fear. Banish fear and acquire the beautiful virtues of calmness, peace and true justice.

When you are physically tired sigh very deeply. Repeat at intervals until you feel better. To alter discordance, say, emphasizing the movement of your mouth A E I O U.

Look after yourself. Sleep for at least eight hours. Find the sleeping direction that gives you the most rest. Usually with your head towards the north. Sometimes east. It takes at least three days to take effect.

Feed and exercise your body, mind and soul properly. Eliminate those types of fatigue.



Be Alert and Aware. Two positive headings for your aim in life. They generate interest and action and also help to handle the tempters and idolaters. Remember Joseph of the coat of many colours and how he handled alertness and awareness.

Be aware of the foods, vitamins, liquids, etc, that are necessary for a healthy physical and mental life for you. Investigate carbohydrate addiction. Then notice the improvement in your emotional and mental state.

Be aware of what is going on around you to be able to use opportunities for material and spiritual growth. Etc, etc. Observation is the keynote of intelligence.

Be aware of the possibilities and impossibilities within yourself. Boost your positive strengths. Eliminate your weaknesses. Do not pass your day in a waking dream.

Be consciously aware of the God given powers available to you at dawn, by drawing them to you and identifying with them.

Be super aware to find heaven.

Be alert when driving to avoid problems caused by others who are not alert. Be alert at all times especially if you find yourself in dangerous situations. Etc, etc.



Protect yourself from the negative forces and hate that surround the world like radio waves. Place yourself, mentally, in a cocoon of white light that can only be permeated by the positive forces of good.

Often depression, if one is not protected, is caused by negative forces that have no connection to one's personal thoughts or circumstances. Humanity's thoughts, positive and negative, are transmitted into the ether. These thoughts are attracted to and make manifest the positive or negative situations chosen within a persons life.

If you are depressed or angry take a glass of clear water. Drink it slowly, mentally visualizing the water washing away your depression or anger.

Be honest and true with yourself and learn to be someone that you yourself can love. Attain the beauty of inner discipline.

If many people have the same negative thought, this gives that thought more power to influence others, who are susceptible, even on the other side of the earth. This is the reason why we have mob power. The individuals in the mob do not usually know why they are causing havoc. Mobs behave but do not think.

Then we have large gatherings of people for spiritual reasons who transmit positive thoughts which help people everywhere. There is a universal wisdom to be found, common to most true religions, when sought and interpreted correctly without adulteration.

Sometimes one person has the power to influence many. Hitler was a prime example of negative influence. He incited mass prejudice using subconscious power (animal magnetism) with malice using many peoples inclination towards negativity.

Diana was a positive influence. Diana's influence was really demonstrated when she "died". People of many nations and cultures were brought together in acknowledging her and her help to humanity in many ways. Even the baddies were influenced, by her, to be peaceful on the day of her funeral.

Then there was also the positive influence of Florence Nightingale, etc.

Stretch your consciousness to live your life with more joy and less of a dreary drudge. Michael Angelo, Beethoven, Nicolas Tesler, Einstein and many unknowns have shown the way.



Most of Humanity is locked in a egg shell of ancestor worship, tradition worship, orthodox methods of thinking, force of natural surroundings with which they have surrounded themselves etc. Like the chicken they must at some stage, when they have made themselves ready, and then listened for the call, peck themselves out of the shell.

For instance the university professors of the past stated that this or that cannot be done. "We know the scientific laws and that makes it impossible." They said.

Some scientists, and ordinary people, pecked their way out of that shell (stretched their consciousness) and today we have aeroplanes, TV's, Radio, cars, trains, cell phones, satellites etc.

Similar situations apply to the spiritual World.

Progress spiritually and materially by pecking your way out of any shell that you are in, now. You have a brain and free will. Chickens do not.

Use imagination (a power flowing through the universe) as many who have achieved positively have done. Gods imagination created the universe with thought, sound and life. Use the imaginative process of thought which produces and extends beyond your present knowledge.



Sometimes one will meet someone and "feel that you know them" before even speaking. You will travel to a new place and "know that you have been there before ". These are incarnation memories.

This means that you have learned spiritual sensitivity. You must then look for the lesson to be learned from the experience. Quite often it is a most enjoyable lesson if handled properly.

Many people in your environment are known to your Spirit even if you are not yet consciously aware that you know them. All of you have something to work out, repay, or enjoy with each other.



Communication, with others, is essential especially in personal relationships. It is not only the interchange of words, but also listening, hearing and understanding with empathy. Most problems between people are caused by the lack of attunement.

A person who fears criticism does nothing else but criticise. Very unproductive. Abstain from the lies and the unkind, unjust, and immoral criticisms around you. Rather look inward and rectify any of your own faults.

When a man and a woman, who are in tune with each other, sleep in the same bed they feed each other's soul in their sleep state.

Feeling is the language of communication. Examine your feelings and change them positively when necessary. You will find a vast elevated difference in others reaction to you and your world will change for the better.

Create a life within you which is one of peace and bliss amongst people. Transmit this tranquility to those that do not have it within themselves.

Bring the light of understanding to bear on all earthly challenges and interpretations.



Chastity is a state of mind. Not the lack of sex and how much clothing you, or Adam and Eve, may not have had on, which lead to the "original sin" doctrine. This doctrine has caused much unnecessary suffering to the sensitive, and also to women being wrongly considered mere chattels for centuries. Chastity as "they" interpret it is wholly incorrect. Unfortunately "original sin" has also caused a guilt complex in a large number of people.

Sex, without marriage or commitment, is passion and/or lust. If you abuse it, it controls you, it is then a problem. Being unclothed in a virtuous community is a state of self consciousness.

Adams sin was his deceit, lies and treachery to God who had been his friend. This for his own selfish ends.

Then there is attaining of power at any price.

When your acts of disobedience, insincerity, deceit, selfishness, ruthlessness or treachery are exposed do you feel spiritually "stripped naked."? To be chaste means to be clean of heart in all the meanings that "heart" implies.

"As man thinketh in his heart" said Christ.

Be chaste in the true sense.

Follow Divine Wisdom with gentleness.

"Thou shalt not commit adultery" also means beware of adulterating truth and the pure feelings within you.

"I am the son of God, even as you are sons and daughters of God" said Christ.



Karma is the law of energy "that for every action there is a reaction" and it can often transcend lives. A positive "loving action" will produce a positive "loving reaction." This also applies, similarly, to negative actions.

Put another way. Balance and coordinate the energy in your four compartments or states of consciousness. Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Intuitive. This will aid you to alleviate other grave mistakes in life.

Also there is the law of grace. That is the law whereby you can learn progression in a happening by observing and following the actions of someone else who progresses in respect of that happening. You, then, do not have to learn from personal experience.



Accidents do happen. It is not God's will. Accidents can happen for many reasons, the main one being that they are caused by men and woman who misuse material will, physically and mentally.

God's plan is always positive. One must accept that it is an accident and then learn by handling the situation in the best way for all. A learning curve on our journey of progression.



Miracles do happen when it is deemed necessary by God to divert the result of an accident or natural catastrophe etc from someone. These miracles are made manifest in many ways, directly or indirectly. For instance through the Elohim

They arrive to give the receiver a point of strength for their own progression, because their experience of life is not yet finished.

Prayer, properly employed and directed, has often resulted in a miracle taking place. A miracle is the practical proof of the powers that exist.



Convictions are an inner house, material and spiritual, that you have hopefully built for yourself.

"Build your house upon a rock" said Christ.

This means the inner house of a person, their body, their life, everything in materiality. An inner sanctuary where a person can retire in their thoughts, protected from the waves and winds of life.

Form true convictions and make them rocks within you. Do not use those passed on to you by others. Express your convictions in the best way, to find a fulfillment of life within yourselves.

Most people live with needless guilt complexes thrust on them by parents, ministers, politicians, teachers and all the others. Rational thought together with true experience will set you free from these overscrupulous convictions which hamper your progress.

The real meaning of charity is the light of love shedding - understanding, forgiveness, tolerance, sincerity, charm. All giving, all encompassing, the loveliness of heavenly ideas.

When people are performing around you like circus animals think of "Tolerance." Make sure of your own convictions and find that cave of jewels within yourself.

"I have come that you may have light, and in more abundance." said Christ.

"Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour." Also means your internal neighbours, your faculties, your graces, your accomplishments, etc. Turn the light of truth on yourself.



Your five talents or senses must be made to extend themselves from :

Sight to inward vision and understanding.

Hearing to the wonders and powers of sound.

Taste to the virtue of experience.

Smell to the power of discrimination.

Touch to the experience gained from material proofs.

You have thus doubled your talents. The experience of a life lived to the best of ones ability. The joy and peace which can be obtained when the mind is quiet and peaceful, and beauty can enter within it.

We develop our talents in solitude. Our characters are developed in the stream of life.

The power of speech can be used as the sixth talent. It has sound, colour and form. Do you, - hurt, wreck havoc, - or - uplift, enlighten, shed golden light, - through your speech.?

The power of feeling, with concentration on improvement, can be used as the seventh talent. It is this, plus effort, that has been the basis used by all those who have achieved.

Challenges handled properly are the food of growth, of inner strength, of knowledge, of wisdom, of faith.



Sound is an inductive force. Sound is a mental food which can provoke mental and physical indigestion or a soothing calm and peace within you. For instance the raucous shout of anger or the delicate singing in a church.

Meditate with the soft sounds of some peaceful music that you enjoy. Speak with a smile in your voice. Enjoy the sound and sight of a waterfall surrounded by indigenous forest.

Say out softly a positive word to change a negative within you. For instance if there is grumbling and bad temper around you at work, repeat "Tranquility".



Happiness is the aim of everyone. Happiness is an extraordinary thing because what constitutes happiness for one person does not mean the same to another. "Heaven" is happiness in its purest form.

Some perform sadistic acts and miscall themselves "happy," but there is only one true, lasting, peaceful, happiness.

Most people desire and expect some external group or force to create happiness for them. This will be a dismal failure. Seek within.

You are Spirit inhabiting a mortal body and have an innate desire to create some sort of divinity which does not only mean living in a monastery or convent. Those who try to take a spiritual view of life are always seeking for the type of ecstasy which silence and prayer gives. Mostly they never bother to master the little peccadillo's (jealousy, hate, covertness, spite, etc,) which lie hidden within themselves.

They cover them with touchiness and a severe outlook on others faults. This places them in a state of imbalance between their spiritual and practical lives which hinders the attainment of happiness. Most people have an anger within them in two streams which makes for rebelliousness.

One stream is because of circumstances or fate. The second stream is the wrong ego pride or personal affront. If pandered to, they can lead to a deep unhappiness and hamper one mentally and physically.

There is a right type of personal pride which scorns to steal, hurt others or cheat etc. Cultivate that within yourself.

"Thou shalt not steal" also means do not take from others or their progression by judging them, without all the true facts, and making wrong denunciations.

Inner happiness comes on mastery of oneself using action, optimism, knowledge, faith, living life to the full and accepting and overcoming challenges, joyfully.

In your striving to obtain material possessions, which brings fulfillment of achievement, remember to seek and maintain spiritual balance and progression.

Life can be wonderful if small things are enjoyed - the song of a bird, - a sunset, - the harmony of indigenous forest. Feed your soul with colour, music and beauty.

Be enthusiastic about life. Be Happy.




Dreams vary and are of many types.

For instance, if you have a dream about "death" it is usually about a change necessary to the aspect of life depicted. There must be light as you can see how your subconscious is trying to direct you positively through life.

If you have a problem with nightmares where a goulish creature sits on your chest, tell your subconscious, just before you go to sleep to make the sign of the cross when it happens. The creature will then explode and disappear.

Dreams can also be memories of your leaving your body while asleep to travel wherever you want to go.

There are prophetic dreams. As with everything there is a learning curve to be followed to differentiate between and use all the types of dreams.



Conscience is a force within people indoctrinated by their, often wrong, material teachings. It is also the internal instigator, when we listen, to make us better ourselves. Conscience is alertness to your effect on your surroundings.

For instance. Do not rebel against going to a church service and still believe that you will forever be burnt in hell for not going. Openly state that you do not believe such twaddle and take the false verbal punishment metered out by that so called "man of God" and his cronies.

Do consider that churches were built as sanctuaries of peace and Gods love. If the priest corrupts the teachings and is just a power seeking politician, go into the church when it is empty, and pray and meditate. Follow, if you so choose, Christianity and not "Churchianity."

If necessary, seek a truly spiritual priest. If you go to church, go for the right motives, like to honour God, to communicate with your heavenly father, to feed your soul, and to bring out the latent Spirit of God within you. Do not go because it looks good to others, to meet someone, etc.

"Go within your closet and pray in private to God, your father," said Christ. Go internally, mentally, where ever you may be physically situated.

There are certain "religious" people who state that there is no such thing as the spiritual realms (life after death). They state that you lie in a grave for an awful long time and then end up in either heaven or hell. Then they state that Spirit is evil and that you must have nothing to do with spiritual realms. There is no logic. You are warned against something, that they say, does not exist.

Jesus proved life after "death." At the transfiguration on the mount Jesus was seen talking to Moses and Elias. On the cross, Christ (the power of God) who overshadowed Jesus, the master (the son of God), after his baptism, withdrew. That is why Jesus said "father why forsakest thou me." Jesus rose joyfully from the dead (the risen body) and appeared to Mary Magdalene and others still on earth and then went on to the spiritual realms.

"As I do, so can you do also" said Jesus.

John the Baptist was "Elias come again"

The credo says "I believe in the communion of saints." (communion with the Spirit world)

Michael appeared to the commander of the Israelites.

"Discern ye the Spirits, whether they be of God or not" said Paul. So communicating with Spirits of God is permissible.

Joshua saw and talked to a man in a white robe about the Israelite armies. He would have been blinded by the light of God. Gabriel spoke to Mary about her child. Angels are Spirits. Much truth has been eliminated from the bible by the council of Nicea.

Dives had memory and consciousness after he "died", when he asked Abraham to go to his relatives and warn them about doing negative things on earth.

Think and feel with your heart. Eliminate having a bad conscience. The person who seeks their heavenly father in true love achieves everything.



 Tension, caused by worry and stress, causes violence of thought, violence of action if you do not become aware of the situation. This leads to irritations neurosis, headaches, sickness, sleeplessness, overweight, which you then fight. A vicious, unhappy downward spiral to a heart attack or nervous breakdown, etc.

Make time every day, despite everything, no excuses, to meditate and contemplate. Also do this, preferably, before attempting anything new. For instance starting or expanding a business. Altering outward circumstances helps to an extent, but altering your inner attitude first is all important for permanence.

Each evening, draw in to your inner self the truth (underlying veracity of the cause) of how you have handled your day. Not putting the blame on all and sundry for any failures. Then sleep and let your subconscious heal body and mind to feel rejuvenated and better be able to handle the next day. An upward spiral to health and happiness.

"Come unto me ye who labour and I will give you rest" said God.



The River of Life (cosmic power) which continually flows around you contains many powers. Some practical universal ones which you should induct are :

Supreme power. (God)

Power of intellect.

Power of will.

Power of thought.

Power of instinctive life.

Power of sound.

The idea is not to fight life but cooperate with it and these powers are there to absorb within you and assist you if you so choose. Consciously breathe them in and breathe out negativity regularly.

The invisible power of electricity will only light the bulb if you switch it on.



Teach your obedient genie (subconscious) to help you. If you are in a negative state or situation do not dwell on the negative position. Your genie will think, and not question that, that is what you want and will see that you get it. Have faith and feel within you (banish doubt) that you will be helped. Say, and concentrate on, the positive words that describe the opposite of the negative position.

Concentration, Peace, Poise, Harmony, Goodwill, Nonresistance, Justice, Judgement, True Judgement, Freedom, Guidance, Wisdom, Understanding, Inspiration, Intelligence, Memory, Law & Order, Faith, Confidence, Spirit, Health, Strength, Activity, Vitality, Power, Life, Youth, Success, Happiness, Alertness, Resourcefulness, Persistence, Purpose, Mastery, Dominion, Energy, Achievement, Abundance, Love.



Transmit Love and Light, smile, be spiritual, be truthful, be peaceful, be disciplined, be joyous and productive, help others ...




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