Sifu A.K. Baynes

(Sifu) A.K. Baynes:

Founder and Chief Instructor of the Tai-Chi Chuan Institute.

A.K. Baynes is a Internationaly Recognised Tai-Chi Chuan Instructor, who has vast experience and understanding of both internal and external martial arts. He trained under varios masters and teachers before commiting himself fully only to the study of Tai-Chi-Chuan.

He is one of the disciple's of Master Ching Mill Su, who was himself the disciple of the late Grand Master Yang Sau Chung, 4th generation, head of the Yang families Tai-Chi-Chung.

As Sifu A.K. Baynes is one of South Africa's leading competetors on the Yang Style Tai-Chi-Chuan;

- Taking a second place Group Form in 1990 in Taiwan International Compititions;

- 3rd in pushing hands

- 3rd in Tai Chi stick form

- 5th over all internationaly in the 1998 Taiwan Iinternational Competition

He has extensive theoretical and practical knowlage of Traditional Yang style Tai-Chi-Chuan and is one of the few teachers in the art and internal energy (CHI).