We buy many types of good quality recycled plastics, regrind or re-pelletised

Also, we buy scrap plastic parts, purging lumps, items or components which need to be recycled.

We can also arrange “toll” processing of your own scrap for return back to yourselves for your own use

The following are the main types of interest:

Polypropylene - PP (buckets, basins, outdoor furniture, car bumpers etc)
High density polyethylene - HDPE (crates, milk bottles, containers)
Low density polyethylene - LDPE (packaging film, wrapping etc)
Linear low density polyethylene - LLDPE (packaging film, wrapping, rotomoulded tanks etc)
Polyvinyl chloride - PVC Rigid (profiles,pipes, conduit etc)
Polyvinyl chloride - PVC Flexible (cable strippings, vinyl etc)
ABS (reels, car parts, TV housings etc)
Polystyrene - GPPS (plastic glasses)
Polystyrene - HIPS (plastic hangers)
Ethylene vinyl acetate - EVA (pool hose)
Thermoplastic polyurethane - TPU (running shoe soles, mining screen deck coatings, castor wheel tyres)
(engineering bushes, car parts etc)
Noryl (engineering parts, auto pool cleaner parts)
(engineering parts, car indicator lenses,
plastic windows, skylights etc)
Polycarbonate - PC (automotive headlamp lenses, CDs)
and others

For polymers not mentioned above, contact us - we may be interested


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