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Another exciting product in our portfolio is a performance enhancing additive (TCE), which enables shorter cycle times and faster extrusion speeds.
Most facets of plastics conversion can benefit from this product, but ideal applications include, for example, ABS, nylon and polypropylene injection moulding of thick parts, particularly where sinkage is a problem.
Cycle times up to 30% faster are sometimes achieved, with 15 to 20% being common.
In extrusion, LDPE and LLDPE film production can be sped up by as much as 35-40%.

The principal by which this product works is to shorten the cooling time of the polymer. EG: If cooling time in the mould was previously 80 seconds, it can be reduced by around 40 seconds (halved). The overall cycle time benefit is usually about 30%.

In LDPE and LLDPE film extrusion, the bubble retains integrity whilst increasing the screw and haul-off speeds simultaneously, beyond the normal settings, resulting in big improvements in output.

A certain amount of benefit can sometimes be achieved by the faster plasticising which also occurs with the use of this product.

Cost wise the additive is not significantly more expensive than the polymers to which it is added, so the financial benefits are very attractive.

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